Monday, May 04, 2009

Best and Worst

1. My name:
BEST thing is that my first name is so familiar and classic
WORST...changing your last name is such a pain but it feels foreign and weird to me

2. My face:
BEST is that it is very expressive and I have a pretty good smile
WORST it is very expressive...i couldn't play poker to save my life

3. My body:
BEST thing: I'm pretty limber and don't get sore when I'm active
WORST part is my stupid stubby legs

4. My character:
BEST features are: not a lot bothers me, long-term. I'm also a good listener and try hard to be accepting
WORST thing is: I'm an extreme introvert and fairly socially awkward

5. My wardrobe:
BEST items are my Threadless t-shirts
WORST part is how generic it is. I can it be worst if I really don't mind?

6. My home:
BEST thing is the location and the fact that theres not room to cram it full of junk
WORST is that its pretty old and not in a great part of town

7. My work:
BEST: its pretty laidback in terms of schedule
WORST is the general lack of communication and the fact that most residents never get to leave. Like Hotel California without fun drugs or a pool.

8. My friends:
BEST thing is that tthey are loyal and we can pick up right where we left off, no matter how long it has been. I know they will do anything for me and hope they know I would do the same for them!
WORST is that i don't see them as often as I'd like and I'm such an introvert kind of keeps the number limited

9. My family:
BEST about my family is they are stable and supportive and role models
WORST thing is sometimes I feel disconnected from them and wonder if it is just the distance

10. My hobbies:
BEST thing is that they are mostly the same as the ones I had a decade ago
WORST is that too many of them involve sitting on my ass

11. My partner:
BEST about him is we have more in common that I ever thought possible, I can't imagine living life without him and am excited about our adventures.
WORST is that he feels limited when he shouldn't ~ he has no idea how successful he can and will be

12. My pets:
BEST thing: they are so much fun and are always changing
WORST: their claws and the fact you can't stick them in a cage and ignore them when they bother you

13. My use of language:
BEST: I think I have a pretty good vocabulary
WORST is making up voices for the cats and animals in amuses me to no end and I'm glad eric puts up with it

14. My music taste:
BEST thing is I like songs in almost every genre
WORST thing is that I get sick of songs more than I used to

15. My home town:
BEST everyone is friendly and there is always something to do
WORST is you can't really go anywhere without running into someone you either know or recognize

16. My diet:
BEST i really enjoy vegetables
WORST is I am starting to be a fried food connoisseur

17. My children:
BEST: they are imaginary, for now
WORST: might have imaginary down syndrome

18. My neighbors:
BEST: are very interesting
WORST the transvestite kind of creeps me out and I'm worried that Grandma Chimney will burn our complex down

19. My current life:
BEST is that it is starting in a new direction
WORST part is the uncertainties and stress that come along with it

20. The future:
BEST is that you never know what is coming next!
WORST is all the responsibility that comes with it