Monday, January 26, 2009

Gambling isn't for me

Blackhawk was ok. We went to Mardi Gras Casino which was like Vegas-lite. Cleaner, too. Played slots and Blackjack. I had read that you have the best odds playing craps which they don't have. And I don't know how to play.

The maximum bet there is $5. When/if I go back I'll play $3 blackjack...Losing $$ slower is more fun, especially if you are with people who have more $ to spend.

I will be interested to see if there is any spike in the crime rate when the maximum bet is raised to $100 and the casinos can be open 24 hrs a day, starting in July.

Sports betting seems like something I'd be more interested takes longer for you to win or lose money and the more you know about the teams, the better your odds. At least from my perspective.

I'd just be too hard on myself if I lost though. That just takes all the fun out of it...just don't have $$ to burn.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Being Social

Those of you who know me know that I'm a homebody and introvert. Being social I can do in small doses because it makes me so tired. While having a child is something I want, it is sometimes hard for me to imagine not being alone when I need to recharge.

Anyway, last Sunday we had lunch with Weeman and his new girlfriend, whose name I have already forgotten. Friday I'm going up to Blackhawk to the casinos with a couple of girls from work. I've already budgeted a small amount for this trip and we are pretty excited about going. I don't think they get out much either. =)

I really hope it doesn't snow. Brooke says she won't drive us up there if it does. It is kind of up in the mountains, about 45 minutes away.

The funny part is that Grandpa's invention, the Air Train is vying for a bid to build a system that goes from the Denver area to the Central City area casinos and maybe the mountains. What makes it even more ironic is that Grandpa is against gambling and I doubt he has ever played a round of poker in his life.

Being Healthy

A lot of peoples' New Year's resolutions have to do with getting more exercise. I usually do fairly well in that area, so I thought about what else I could do to be healthy.

1) Eat less processed food and sweets in general. I am purchasing whole turkeys instead of the roasted/preserved turkey for work, and every time I do this I remember to eat this way myself. Someday I hope we will be able to purchase "natural" ham but this isn't cost-effective right now.

I try to remember what desserts we serve that I like the best and eat only those, maybe one a week. I don't eat Dum-Dums anymore.

2) E's stepmom got us wheatgrass for the cats and they don't really like it...I remember having shots of it at Juice Stop and even though we have no juicer, i'm trying to have some 3 times a week. The health benefits are amazing. Every time I cut the wheat grass, I think of Treasa and her battle with cancer.

3) Supplements ~ I normally switch around, depending on whatever is on sale and I feel I am deficient in. Which isn't very healthy. So I'm sticking with hyaluronic acid tabs for my skin and quercetin, an antioxidant found to be very beneficial in preventing cancer. Both of these are have fairly clear benefits (as far as they can be, not being officially tested by the FDA) and the latter helps ease my mind because cancer runs in my family.

That is pretty much it...I love vegetables and could quite probably be deficient in protein if I didn't have someone around who loves steak and pork. =)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The New Year

So I decided that my major resolution for 2009 is to have a positive attitude when I get up in the morning. If you have that, you are less likely to do things I sometimes have a problem with:

1) Say mean things while trying to be funny/not thinking.

2) Take things too seriously when others are in a bad mood.

3) Not communicate when I feel like it is worthless to do so.

4) Dwell on things in the past and create an air of distrust for those who love me.

In general, having a good attitude helps me think of each day as a gift.
I've been able to do that for 6 days so far. 4 days more than I've ever been able to keep any other resolution.