Friday, December 29, 2006


So I've been asked, mainly by Wenjun what my New Year's resolution is. I tried writing down a list of them one year, but have decided that having just one or two is the way to go.

1) Not be a doormat for anyone, anytime. This means lying to make people feel better, letting people say things they shouldn't just because "that's the way they are," etc.

2) Not relying on anyone else to be happy. I've not totally thought this one out yet.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

So Excited

Today is my sister's 21st birthday! I'm having so much fun hanging out with 'rini and Er. Tomorrow is beer pong on Peggy's dining room table (thanks!) and Little Miss Sunshine and BEER. Tonight is less beer and a lot of Ricky Bobby, spaghetti and presents.
I used to have a hard time sleeping through the night before Christmas. I kinda wish I could experience that feeling again ~ waking up and having the greatest surprises of your life up to that point.
Everything is just so amazing and wonderful right now...I miss school though.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Snowed In

I'm not sure how many inches of snow we have right now. Not as many as the 'ville got way back in '03...the timing is almost the same though. If the situation was different (in terms of travel), I'd be really upset. The plan is still to be with Sir and Connie by late afternoon Friday. I can't wait to hang out with Maelynn and Zac!

As I was telling 'rini, I love warmth and the sun, in particular, for just this reason. Clouds produce snow and hardship while blue skies...don't. Sure, there's something called "skin cancer" but that never caused my friend Matt to miss Christmas with his family.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

She don't like, she don't like...Cocaine

I'm not a big fan of Year-in-Summary articles...I like fresh, new, interesting tidbits. But the The Year in Food review was good. I had read/heard about most of what was talked about, except for this interesting beverage:

Just seeing it at the grocery, you would never think it was different from any other energy drink. Although if I saw one called Indiana Meth I would probably take notice.
Apparently, the "high" hits within five minutes and the caffeine rush comes 15 min., later. Its also 350% stronger than Red Bull and has bizarre tongue-numbing effects. Interesting. If I need to drive anywhere, this is what I'm going to take with me. As long as what they promise (that you don't crash) is true. I always get so tired driving...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Three-Month-Crazy Rule

I have a friend who swears that girls he's dated tend to get crazy three months into a relationship with him. I'm not exactly sure what that says about him, but I can understand when it comes to me and school. I thought about blaming it on being burned out, but that doesn't make sense...I'm just definitely feeling kinda crazed right now.

All I can say is, 6 more days of school until break. Then it's onto the 'ville for a few days and then to Lawrence. I can't wait.
My brother graduates on Saturday. I wish I could be in the ATL, but he needs to know that I'm with him in spirit. He's incredibly brilliant and I'm so proud of him. Congrats Er! Give me your Xmas list soon, ok??!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Buying Toys for Three Year Olds

One of my best friend's nephews turned 3 recently and I had the hardest time figuring out what to get him. Jon's a rough-and-tumble little guy, one of those kids who runs around crashing into everything. I first got a little learning computer, which would've been great had it been for his big brother. So I settled on a "big kids" tool kit. I told the Mom that it had a box cutter and scissors, before I got it and everything seemed to be cool.

It was Jon's favorite gift. He'll learn a ton, and will grow into it.
I probably should've gotten something else. We'll see though. Hopefully his parents have a good hiding place.

Jason is dying. Dealing with the loss of rats never gets any easier. I'll cry a little and will remember how awesome he was. Just like his Dad.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Days Go By

Today was the first of Intro to Beverage. That's what I'm calling it, anyway. We learned about coffee, coffee service and being jittery.

Half of the GYD (Garnish Your Degree, AKA Kids with Useless Degrees) people I was with last semester have the Cool Chef fo r Food Service Production. There's a new GYD who knows The Big Lebowski by heart and I've decided that every day I'm going to torment him by thinking up random scenes and having him do the lines and voices. Today he was kind of embarrassed but I think he'll get used to it. =)

Tonight at the gym I saw approx. 15 min of Top Chef without the sound. Its the episode that Anthony Bourdain guest-appears on. I wish I could've heard what he had to say. I hope that the guy with the hair like Ace Ventura, Pet Detective loses and I don't know why. His 'do was a bit too perfect and sculpted, like maybe he'd spent more time on that than thinking up an impressive menu.

Tonight and tomorrow its supposed to snow and I'm not sure about driving...i hope it does this less, rather than more, at least Mon-Thurs.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Grilling With Beer

My friend and fellow beer connoisseur, Lucy Saunders just published her latest book -

She gave me some to sell as a fundraiser for my summer culinary externship. I'm not charging any shipping:

I'm hoping to be at either Beer Bistro in Toronto ~

or Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, MI.

If I wasn't selling them, I'd love to get one for Christmas. =) I do accept Paypal and ship extra quickly!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Basketball Revival

I'm not one of those people who uses sports metaphors to describe the beautiful, sublime or bizarre.
Hmmm. Not sure where I was going with that. Tonight's game was fun. Maybe next time when I think *something* is impossible, I'll remember how I was brought up to be an optimist. And not even Mr. Pink will convince me to think otherwise.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Dinner went well, all the food was pretty tasty but I didn't crave any because of the time I put in. We were supposed to eat at 1 and were sitting down before 2. Pictures were taken and they should be funny.

Tonight is dinner at Dad and Peggy's. I can't imagine eating anything else....

Sunday, November 19, 2006

You Ain't Know

I just ate popcorn in bed and it is now everywhere. i'm kind of too lazy to get up and find it all.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

(not so) Big Doings

So I'm here in Lawrence and it's been a blast so far. Got in Thursday night and went out in Kansas City last night with Jo and Wenjun. I can't wait to see the pics from the Med School party.

Met up with Jo and Kris at Free State today for some tasty lunch and a beer. Right now I'm watching the KU/K-State game and wish I was there. KU definitely brought their game and held on to win. I was so sure they'd get smashed.

It's strange being back here. Always a mix of nostalgia and sadness that I can't explain. There's a ton of happiness, too but I understand that part of it.

Even though I haven't really done anything today, I feel like I've accomplished something because I got the Thanksgiving menu together. I'm not sure if 100% of this is going to get made,but I hope so, because it would rock my socks.

Em's First Thanksgiving Feast, in which she makes (almost) everything herself:

Roast Turkey w/Pomegranate Molasses Glaze, Lotsa Gravy
Mashed Potatoes w/Carrots, Leeks and Roasted Garlic
Sweet Potato Orange Cups
Cornbread Dressing (with Apples and maybe Sausage)
Butternut Squash & Squash Gratin
Cranberry Walnut Conserve
~maybe something pickled, maybe a salad too
Yeast Rolls of some sort
my Mom's Pecan Pie
Caramel Pumpkin Pie

What do you think?

Monday, November 13, 2006

To Summarize...

I called Nate's mom (Wenjun, you know who I'm talking about) to find out whether he got shipped out with the military. I'm gonna be upset if she doesn't call or email me. I wonder if he feels like his so-called debt to society has been paid...I hope he doesn't feel like still he owes anyone anything.

Dad got a new dog, Zoe or Z-Dog. Also a new rat, Violet. I'll be sure to post pics, mostly for my own benefit after I get back from Thanksgiving.

Thursday I leave for Kansas. Mr. Pink will arrive later.
Can't wait to see everyone and attempt my first Dinner (THE dinner). Everyone better cut me some slack. I will post some pictures because that's what culinary students do.

Hmm, what else. Plans for Christmas are still up in the air, but I will be going to the 'ville. And back when Baby Barron makes her appearance.

I feel like I should start getting Christmas presents. And its not even Thanksgiving yet. Great.

I'm on Facebook. And not on Myspace anymore.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ok, I didn't vote. Time just got away from me and registering here. But I am aware of the issues and candidates. Which only makes a difference to me, I guess. Colorado is the first state I've lived in where my vote would've made an views are much more in line with the general population here.

I made some amazing chili today. Everyone scoffed when I was planning to add cocoa. A lot more flavor depth and color than yesterday's version.

So if you had your choice between dim sum, Syrian (the restaurant got rave reviews by a source a trust) or...something completely different, what would you choose? I'm already looking forward to the weekend's nice meal out.

This week is going so well ~ class is as laidback as it could ever be, thanks to the Chef. If I'm ever in a similar position (which I cannot imagine), I hope to be just like everyone's favorite JWU Chef.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

No Longer an Owner....

the house FINALLY sold! woooo hoooo
Don't know any specifics...I mean, why would I? Its all good though. Not a bad first

Friday, November 03, 2006

Sadness - about a lot ot things

Yet, everything still remains.
My heart is broken
and I don't know what to do-
but I'll figure it out.
Slowly and surely
life will come together again.

I'm silent at strange times
with people I know and love
because suddenly, there's a void in my mind.
Words don't flow like they used to-
I don't know why.

I never wanted to be different like this,
I never intended any pain.
But I've hurt so many, trying to find myself
in misguided ways.

I don't want to lose myself.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I went out on Saturday night to Polly Esther's, a dance club in Denver. It was so sweet of Fran to invite me along with her crew. It was an awesome time, dancing the night away. Here's what I looked like:For some reason, you have to click on the white space to see me. Dunno why.
My grandma is the cutest...she wrote saying that for the 11th year in a row there haven't been any trick-or-treaters come by their house. But, she said she was prepared with free Wendy's Frosty coupons just in case.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Sweetest Downfall

= not liking being alone.
A beautiful, independent and wise woman told me today, "alone is not equivalent to unhappiness and single is not synonymous with available."
Thanks Jo.

Taking it one day at a time.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Today has been really rough. My mind was elsewhere during production today and it really showed. I'm glad my practical exam isn't until tomorrow.
My roommate is a 47 year old Jewish accountant who holds a socialist ideology and only dates Mexican men (but not if they're from Durango.) She supports the Zapatistas and the leftist Mexican Presidential candidate, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He's the guy who insisted on a recount and proclaimed that the results would be invalid unless he was named El Presidente. He also the guy who made it impossible for my sister to go to the Zocalo (city center) for Mexican Independence Day because of possible violence. I don't know specifics about his politics though.

I am wondering how the Zapatista coffee I purchased today will be. More soon.

Friday, October 06, 2006


I won't be posting for a little while...I need to deal with some sadness and pain. Feel free to contact me though.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Keeping on Truckin'

Monday and Tuesday are my last days of Essentials of Dining Room.
Its been an interesting experience. I don't know what else there is left to cover in Advanced Dining Room, which I'll have in the spring.

One of the most interesting (and unexpected) aspects of this class is all the French we are learning. We are serving food for the French Cuisine section and the entire menu is written in French.

Wednesday I start "New World Cuisine." It should be called "Grilling and Frying" but that wouldn't sound as good.

Stole this quiz from Maggie:

1) When was the last time you went to the bathroom outside?
when we went hiking last

2) When was the last time you saw one of your parents?
August, right before I moved out here. I'll see mi madre in less than 2 weeks, woo hoo

3) Which family member do you most resemble?
the postman. shhh

4) Do you wear cologne/perfume?
I mostly collect it rather than wear it because i have "hoarding tendencies"

5) Do you wear deodorant?
yes. Degree to be exact

6) Do you 'clean up nice'?
Dude. I always look nice, even if it is only in my mind.

7) When was the last time you tripped and fell?
i took a spectacular dive when i was running with Maelynn back in July. Sprawling and all.

8) Where was the last place you slept besides your home?
the Subaru while it was raining

9) What are you listening to right now?
rats chewing and cars traveling.

10) Have you ever started an uncontrollable fire?
yes and it burned burned burned. That ring of fire.

11) Ever run out of gas on the road?
no but I know someone who has done it twice

12) Would you rather cut the grass or rake the leaves?
Mags is right. No one says "cut the grass". I would rather MOW than rake. Because raking is pointless. The leaves will just fall again. And you can mow leaves!

13) Your name spelled backwards?
ylime. y lime. hehehe.

14) What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
a stupid stupid Blackberry update that did nothing to help me access the internet. You'd think the tech would've figured that out ahead of time.

15) Last time you swam in a pool?
Eeesh. Jeff's experience at the Y made me wary. I don't remember.

16) Have you ever been in a school play?
2nd grade. I was forced!

17) How many kids do you want?
having a big family would be neat. maybe 4. So there would be an even number for rides at the amusement parks. Its weird to ride with strangers when you're little.

18) Type of music you dislike most?
anything that involves random screams and shaking and asks the listener to "interpret the meaning themselves." Its like throwing something on the sidewalk and calling it art.

19) You registered to vote?
in indiana.

20) You have cable?
no, satellite but thinking about that and the bill makes me upset

21) Ever prank call anybody?

22) Best friends?

23) Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?
sky diving. but someone would have to push me out

24) Do you have a garden?
used to have some herbs before the move

25) What's your favorite comic strip?
I like Foxtrot

26) Bath or Shower, morning or night?
shower. night. I used to like bathing but it involves too much doing nothing

27) Best movie you've seen in the past month?
Hmm. Maybe 3 Kings. I have seen bits and pieces of Anchorman though and love it even MORE

28) Favorite pizza topping?
spicy italian sausage

29) Chips or popcorn?
popcorn with lots of stuff on it

30) What color lipstick do you usually wear?
see question #4. But I do love me some gloss at times.

31) Have you ever smoked peanut shells?
No. I usually stick to whatever fits in a hookah

32) Orange Juice or apple?
orange. freshly squeezed

33) Favorite type of chocolate bar?
chocolate. Dark.

34) When was the last time you voted at the polls?
Fall. Not for My Man Mitch. You can bet on that.

35) Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?
at Dad and Peggy's

36) Are you a good cook?
kinda. Chef Johnson would deg to biffer I bet though

37) Ever order anything from an infomercial?
no but if i'd had a credit card at age 12 I would've been in serious trouble. Especially one of those things that made 1000s of julienne fries.

38) Sprite or 7-up?
diet Sprite

39) Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work?
Yeah but the worse the uniform the shorter the time I worked there.

40) Ever thrown up in public?
I take great pains to avoid that.

41) Would you prefer being a millionaire or find true love?
Hmmm. What if I already have one of those? Huh? Huh?

42) Do you believe in love at first sight?
sure, there was this half-Japanese guy in St. Louis and i was in 8th grade and I felt it. Electric.

43) Can ex's be friends?
sure but not when you get all bitter on them when they least expect it. I mean, of course they can.

44) Who was the last person you visited in a hospital?
Vincent, when he had a valve in his heart replaced with that of a pig. 2 years ago i think

45) Did you have a lot of hair as a baby?
yup and i looked native american. No one has ever said that but that was the first thought in my head when I saw the pics

46) What message is on your answering machine?
"hi, this is emily..." I have a telephone voice that is higher-pitched and kind of dumb.

47) What do you think about most?
right now, alcohol. That's just sad though and it shall pass.

48) Favorite form of travel?
I really enjoy swinging. In a swing.

49) Ever drink rotten milk?
I have had some enter my mouth but did not swallow. At school we call this the "sip and spit" method.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

My Secret Garden

I really enjoy running and cooking. I'm really trying to do both daily. Exercising, too, but there is something about being outside or circling around a track that really clears the mind.
My sis brought up that we have a 3rd cousin, once removed in Puebla, Mexico where she's spending the semester. He also runs a culinary institute.
I want to say how crazy it is that he runs a cooking school and that I'm actually going to one, but I bet we have a 3rd cousin who has rats and/or has run a half-marathon as well.
I'm glad she'll be able to spend Thanksgiving with "family," as it means a lot to my people.
Michael Bluth: What have we always said is the most important thing?
George Michael: Breakfast?
Michael: Family.
George Michael: Oh right, family. I thought you meant out of the things you eat.

I've dropped my phone for the last time. Well Maybe not the last, last time. But it doesn't work now. I'll get my new one on Tuesday. That is why I'm not answering when you call.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I See Paris, I See France

Today was the end of Introduction to Dining Room - Week 1. It was also Day 3, and I'm finally starting to see some progress in my waitressing technique.
I'm not the most coordinated gal in the world, so balancing 3 plates in one hand/arm actually took a day or so to master.

The most interesting part about this term is our chef. I thought he was Basque at first, judging by his fiery personality and statement that "it is ok to love violence."
No, he's just French.

Here's Chef's take on foie gras - "If you have eyes on the side of your head, I'm bound to kill you and eat you."

My last day at the liquor store will be this Saturday. I was starting to get burned out and frustrated after the first week and that was a bad sign.

Chef says that we need to have a "secret garden," or other hobby/interest that keeps us sane. He noted that drinking and watching TV, although distracting, would not be what he'd recommend.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The First Week

Although it was just 4 days long, the Stocks, Soups, Sauces block will be half over on Monday. I forgot my knife kit on the first day, which wouldn't have been a big deal, except that my apron and two sidetowels (crucial parts of the uniform) were in it. I was directed to the storeroom where I plead my case. I can look fairly pitiful if I feel that way, so I got spares for the day.

I don't want to be too critical, but I think the chef we have is kind of arrogant, and not just talking about his skills as a chef. Not admitting when you are wrong really irritates me, especially when it involves blaming the rest of the class.

I've never had any direct experience with the military, but "culinary boot camp" pretty much sums up how we relate to our superiors. Every sentence or phrase ends in "Chef" and we say, "Thank you Chef" when we are corrected. Everything has to be ironed and pristine. You go through a lineup at the beginning of each course block (more if the chef deems it necessary).
We are being taught proper dining room procedure...for example, do you know that the proper way to eat a piece of bread is to tear it into smaller pieces and butter them as you go?

Everyone, including myself, buys into the system. We are there to learn how to cook, not to be babied or treated gently.
In a moment of weakness, I forgot where I was (I can think of no other justification) and licked butternut squash soup off a serving spoon. I was going to enjoy it and then take it to the "dish pit". Unfortunately, Chef saw me and said "I don't ever want to see you do that again!" Basically, it is a bad habit that I need to ensure never happens again.

Getting up at 5:15 am is something that will take longer to get used to than I had thought. My body doesn't do well with getting up when it is still dark, regardless of what culinary delights and learning it will receive that day...
Speaking of delights, we got truffles in exchange for some veggie soup, compliments of a chocolate class and their vegetarian chef. It is a treat to have a gourmet lunch (of varying quality) and fresh bread every day.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Wise Words (Or Those I Agree With) from....Pamela Anderson ??!

I'm not going to explain how each of these pithy statements has impacted my life, but each rings true. Just ask, if you're curious.

Love never goes away; it just changes form. (For me, this isn't just true regarding romantic love. Love changes as people change and go in and out of your life.)

The best decisions you ever make are usually the ones you make even when everyone else says not to do it.

In order for a man to feel whole, he needs someone to look up to and someone to look up to him. (The someone who is looked up to doesn't necessarily need to be alive. You can tell if a man is searching for both ends of the equation.)

You know when a prayer is answered. (This is kind of a 'duh' statement, but I need to realize how many of my prayers are answered, continually.)

Friday, September 01, 2006

A pic of where I work

Just so you can get a visual...the website is
I have no idea where the frog logo came from. However, I am proud to say that I turned down the 2 black babydoll tees with aforementioned logo that were offered to me. I'd rather just wear one uniform per day thankuverymuch!

What to Wear

Today I got my JWU ID card and was sized for my uniform. As someone who avoids ironing and is somewhat messy, I foresee that looking perfect every single day will be harder for me than some
Here's what I will be wearing (the female is modeling the "dining room" uni and the male is wearing the chef's): Click on the bar below

Guys can't have beards or long sideburns and no makeup or long fingernails.
I just have to plan all. I'm mostly worried about making it to school on time. No idea what the traffic will be like at 6:15 am...and my chronic tardiness just can't happen!

Monday, August 28, 2006

New Things

I'm really interested in playing coed hockey in the winter. I'm gathering all the gear and will save up my Meridian earnings to pay the league fee. This won't be until January because I need to practice skating and actually learn how first.

I've got my Halloween costume all figured out. I want it to be a surprise but it will involve my vampire fangs because they make me feel sexy. Basically, I could wear a garbage bag along with the fangs and feel like the hottest thing on earth. Don't know why. There will be a whip too...

Maggie is going to be a ninja and says she has a banana suit for Jeff to wear. He loves 'nanas and wouldn't we be the nonsequitur crew?

Tomorrow we're going to Ft. Collins with Kevin to have some chili beer and do other fun things. Wednesday is the Pawnee Grassland and spending the night before I have to be back at 4 to work at Meridian on Thursday. Orientation begins on Friday...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Do You Like Colorado?

People ask me this all the time. And they often say, "Wow, I really love it out there."
I'm wondering, is there anyone who doesn't like Colorado? And if you do, is it for any reason other than something flexible, like the cost of living or being around lots of hippies.

Is there anyone who really doesn't like the mountains? Is the dry weather something that annoys you? If so, please let me know. I won't judge, but I might ask questions. I'm interested. Talk to me.

New Life, New Job

Thursday I start at Meridian Wine & Spirits, just up the road here in Lafayette. My mom isn't happy about this because liquor stores get robbed at a higher frequency than say, Kitchen Affairs-type places.
Its a "keep it classy-San Diego" type of place, as Will Ferrell would say. Upscale in a nice neighborhood.
I really think my chances are higher of dying in a car accident, given the current statistics and my proclivity for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Random things are higher priced here, like soy sauce and sesame oil. Gas is higher too, which I understand.

My sis is in Mexico for this semester. She knows very little Spanish and is doing it immersion-style. I think I'd tend to start having conversations in my head and not notice when people were trying to talk to me. Because then I'd have to brush off the daydream cobwebs and make them say one-word-at-a-time.

Mags is going back to Fargo to get her tonsils out. I got to see their infected state last night and it was very cool, in a freakish way. Kinda reminds me of when I had mono and got all inflamed. I think I was asleep for most of the first half of senior year.

If you have any questions about school, just ask. I'll be able to give you a detailed outline of how to make the perfect consomme in less than two weeks. Exciting, I know.
And looking over my Orientation schedule...I don't think the beginnings of my career at KU included half of this stuff. It was sink or swim, children!
Hopefully I won't realize things that I should've known when I was 18.

My attitude is 100% different this time around. I'm so much more focused and ready to kick serious rear. And I don't care what anyone thinks, no sirree.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


1. I have been to more Starbucks and Target stores in the last three weeks than in the previous 3 years combined. I don't feel guilty but am eager to visit more places like the specialty Indian food store I went to today.

2. It may sound obvious but a big city means more driving, unless you are extremely familiar with the area and plan your life to avoid it. I'm not a betting gal, but I think this will be the reason why we do not make the Denver area our permanent home.

3. Boulder's Pearl St. makes me long for Lawrence's Massachusetts St. I hope that Mass Street never changes.

4. I am learning to value experiences and interactions with people more than ever before. Being solitary just isn't as fun as it used to be.

5. The Red Sox' Josh Beckett needs to lose the beard and keep a soul patch. Why do beards not work on every guy?
I would like a "soul patch" of my own, but only if it doesn't have anything to do with body hair. Maybe on my backpack.

6. If anyone has tips on how to become a morning person, please let me know. I am hoping school starting at 7 am doesn't mean I will have to get up at 5 to be fully alert and avoid cutting myself.

7. Being an aunt is going to rock. I just know it.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Here in Colorado

We moved in on Tuesday...actually we got here on Monday, the truck arrived a day later. Everything went fairly smoothly. All the essentials are taken care of and boxes stored in the large (!) basement until next time. I had forgotten all the little details that are automatically taken care of when the house is owned. I don't know how the previous occupants could've dealt with the back door not locking, a bedroom door automatically locking (from the inside!) and a refrigerator that I'd rather not get into. Management is quality though, and maintenance took care of everything ASAP.

All complaints aside, the townhome seems a lot bigger than the house on Colony Road. We have a back door and patio for the first time. All the options for entertainment are quite overwhelming.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

In Flux

We're spending the weekend in Lawrence with my parents. Cats and rats made the trip as well. From here we're off to
Lafayette, Colorado, our home for the next year. I hope it will feel like home quickly, because the feeling of not being comfortable is so familiar. Yesterday was 6 hours of driving, the day before was cleaning up the house/packing and Wednesday was packing the truck. Sir did an amazing job of moving boxes.

I'm so exhausted...I've not had this much trouble sleeping since I was thirteen. All these thoughts are racing, moving so quickly, its hard to organize and make much sense of them. I've been so excited about moving for such a long time. All I'm left with is the residual effects.

No complaints here. Just striving for understanding. And sweet, sweet sleep.
Tomorrow is breakfast with Peggy and a visit from Grandma, Grandpa and two uncles.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I feel bad for how long it has been since I've updated, but here's a short list of what has happened:

1. Had a buyer for the house who decided he didn't have enough cash but decided to leave us hanging. He is "a relation" so we cannot egg his current abode, as much as we would like to. We think he was perhaps dropped on his head when he was a child.

2. Talked with a 95 year old woman who has full mental capacity. However, she has been without her husband for the last seventeen years and has diminished physical abilities (cannot hear or see or eat or move around by herself).

3. Found out that I'll be an aunt around Valentine's Day. I love babies and children and am psyched about this experience to come.

4. My Mom is the most helpful, loving person who once again came through for us. She is the perfect mother-in-law as well.

5. Moving is a pain. You hear everyone talk about it but it truly is. Especially if it is more than a move across town. Colorado better be the modern-day promised land because there is no way we are coming back here. Even if the mountains disappeared tomorrow. No way, no how.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


The pic above is our new place in Lafayette (kind of a suburb of Denver but more just outside Boulder). Pretty neat, eh? A house but with rules given by a landlord. Yuck.
We will be there on the 7th or 8th, depending on when the truck arrives.

I've given the address to a lot of people who didn't ever have the Evansville house so let me know if you want it.

I'm quickly learning that selling a house is a pain in the rear. Its so weird having people silently critiquing a place you really enjoy and giving them a price for it.

Unlike a lot of people, I don't really go to the movies unless I am bored and have no one to hang out with and have to see whatever's coming out, NOW.

I'm not expecting anyone to understand, but I'm probably going to see these films in the theater:

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Clerks II
A Scanner, Darkly
I'm kind of on the fence about You, Me and Dupree.

In other news...gave my boss 2 weeks notice. My last official day will be the 21st, but every day that week I'm just working mornings. I had originally planned to dye my hair bright red for the occasion, but if it will interfere at all with selling the house, I won't. I've just gotta act normal, if only for that reason.

Monday, July 03, 2006

You Say Its Your Birthday....

Well, its not. Tomorrow is. I did find this list of wisdom in time for the grand occasion of me turning 25. The only one I disagree with is #11. If someone wants a big deal made about their birthday, I will definitely make a big deal. It makes you feel special. And I want to feel the same way when its my Day.

Fourteen Things That It Took Me Over 50 Years To Learn—by Dave Barry

1. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

2. If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be "meetings."

3. There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."

4. People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.

5. You should not confuse your career with your life.

6. Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.

7. Never lick a steak knife.

8. The most destructive force in the universe is gossip.

9. You will never find anybody who can give you a clear and compelling reason why we observe daylight savings time.

10. You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests that you think she's pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment.

11. There comes a time when you should stop expecting other people to make a big deal about your birthday. That time is age eleven.

12. The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we ALL believe that we are above-average drivers.

13. A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person. (This is very important. Pay attention. It never fails.)

14. Your friends love you anyway.

Thought for the day: Never be afraid to try something new. Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark. A large group of professionals built the Titanic.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sorry so long

I had this really nice post all written up last week and then crashed. Not cool at all.
Its amazingly ironic that I'm meeting all these cool people (and making no special effort) so close to moving time. Very comforting and kind of sad to know that I will be leaving relationships that just started.
Its hard to believe that a month from my birthday my home will be Broomfield, Colorado.
On a completely unrelated note, I've found that Cheez-its are extremely addictive.
In addition, Dad told me today that Kristen is having twin BOYS. I feel a weird blend of enviousness, happiness and relief (that its not me) for her and Estol.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Week in Review

In the past week, I've done and experienced some unique things.
For example, we saw the Dickies (punk band) at a dive bar downtown. The lead singer
was very into props, utilizing a blow-up doll, a gorilla mask and a homemade phallus/testicle puppet.
Here he is, not wearing tights and pink Converse as he was when we saw him.

I felt a little lame wearing earplugs but had a really good time.

Yesterday I worked a class titled Cooking with Beer. The chef in charge stated several times that she did not like beer and that her suggestions for "lager or ale" used in the recipes were just based on what she thought would go best. Not surprisingly, quite a bit of her beer info was totally inaccurate. The other assistant and I did 70% of the hands-on cooking. I was extremely unimpressed and wonder what in the world she was doing teaching that class. Such a disappointment!

I have another class with the chef tonight called "Beginnings and Endings." Appetizers and desserts...I think she likes those, so that's a relief. I'm glad I know what to expect.

Tomorrow night is Book Club and I'm in charge of the entree portion. Hopefully the yummy chicken satay will make up for the ridiculously bad book that I chose. Love Me by Garrison Keillor: skip it.

Friday night will be my first and probably last experience at the Freedom Festival and my brother is coming to town.
Next week will be a lot more relaxed. I gotta gear up for turning 25.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Things I'm Currently Enjoying

1. The fact that my mom and sis are coming for the weekend.

2. I found a Denver food blog. Probably won't have a lot of $$ to try out the places described in it, but its neat to know that there is such a source.

3. There's a Junior Mint pillow in the mechanical arm toy machine at the grocery store. Somehow, seeing it every day for the last year or so makes me feel strangely it will be there for me, whenever I feel the need to revisit my youthful days of blowing Dad's money at LaMon's.

4. I was really hesitant about all things iPod related until discovering that all of Scrubs season five was on iTunes. Even the unaired episodes!

5. Indian food. I love it. The meaty bites, perfectly mouth-sized...the flat, crisp yet chewy naan bread. Gooey, creamy spinach paneer.

Things That Irk Me

1. Random Capitalization - For example: "So Walls and her siblings had to fend for themselves, providing their own food, shelter and clothing - even if it meant picking through Dumpsters." Why??? It makes no sense.

2. The fact that it cost so much to move. No wonder people tend to stay in the same town/area for awhile.

3. Rats don't live very long. It really saddens me, but I guess such is the way of small hearts that beat so quickly.

4. The police here aren't the brightest. They often block traffic with routine stops and have to conference about crimes that aren't earthshaking. I think half the cop cars in reasonable driving distance are present at a meth bust.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

new day, new quiz

1. Do you still talk to the person you lost your virginity to?
no. I don't think he'd like what I had to say. =)

2. What would you do with 1,000 plastic spoons?
I would stack them.

3. What kind of music did you listen to in elementary school?
usually whatever my parents listened to. The Beatles, Paul Simon, etc. I did listen to New Kids on the Block, SWV, En Vogue, The Breeders (my first CD purchase!) and Cypress Hill

4.What is the best thing about your current job?
that i get to leave in less than 40 work days

5. Are you against same sex marriage?

6. Have you been on a date in the past week? If so, what did you do?
Moonlight BBQ and a drive out in the country

7. Where are you going on your next vacation?
probably to Santa Fe for a down from Denver

8. Quote a song lyric, because I told you to:

"hello cowgirl in the sand"

9. Are most of the friends in your life new or old?
half and half but I've had all of them for less than 10 years

10. Do you own any furniture from Ikea
no but I probably will within the next year

11. Do you like your parents?
yes and i miss them already

12. What state/country are you from?
kansas and indiana

13. Tell us about the last conversation you had:
I asked Angela about my rat, Spritz and if she was behaving.

14. Where do you see yourself in one month?
I'll be gearing up to turn 25 and probably training for a triathlon or marathon. I'll also have made lasagna completely from scratch...make your reservations now. =)

15. What is your favorite smell?
i love the scent of lilacs or men's cologne mixed with sweat

16. Do you consider yourself bi-polar?
no, but sometimes I wish I was so I could empathize more

17. What is the time and the outside temperature at the moment?
12:16, 74 degrees and humid like...a sauna

18. Have you ever done anything vindictive to a co worker?
not that i can think of. Probably, especially when i was at Brandon Woods waitressing

19. Have you ever gone to therapy?
yes i have, and i advocate it for others.

20. Have you ever played Spin the Bottle?
no but that would be fun!

21. Have you ever Toilet papered someone's house?
yeah and my boyfriend at the time had to clean it off of his house hahaha

22. Have you ever liked someone but never told them?
usually I told my friend and my friend told one of their friends and they found out
and there was much giggling

23. Have you ever gone camping?
yes, in several states

24. Have you ever had a crush on your sister's friend?
No, but i've had crushes on guys her age

25.Have you ever been to a nude beach?

26. Have you ever had sex on the beach?
i hear it is sandy and not that great, but no

27. Have you ever had a stalker?
I don't think so. That would be kind of flattering unless i had to get a restraining order

29. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
no, I'm not that comfortable with my body

30. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?
a few times.

31. Have you ever gone to a party where you were the only sober one?
no, definitely not

32. Have you ever been cheated on?
no, I'd prefer not to know

33. Have you ever felt betrayed by your best friend?
yeah and she wasn't my BFF anymore

34. Have you ever felt like you were just completely rhino raped?
what the heck does that mean? Maybe.

35. Have you ever lied to your parents?
yeah, what adolescent hasn't?

36. Have you ever been out of the US?
yeah, to the caribbean, canada, mexico and bermuda

37. Have you ever thrown up from working out?
yeah but it was in 8th grade track

38. Have you ever gotten a haircut so bad that you wore a hat for a month straight?
yes but i couldn't wear a hat

39. Have you ever eaten 3 meals from 3 different fast food places in the same day?
gross. if i have I blocked it out

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

On...the Town

John-Paul, a guy who works in the cafeteria at work, noted that "it must be time to do laundry because I was wearing a skirt." I wanted to explain to him my no-socks policy but decided it was best to laugh and smile and agree.

The main difference between going out on a Saturday night in Evansville and doing the same in Lawrence is that everyone looks the same here. It will be so refreshing to go to Free State and not see copies of copies this weekend. I also think people are shorter here, but have no evidence to back that up.

In the past year and a half, E'ville has really grown on me. Making friends and gradually not caring what other people think is a huge part of that. There is the same sort of Midwestern hospitality as I was used to in Kansas. As Jess (an E'ville lifer, mind you) once said, "People here are happy and mostly nice, just kind of ignorant." He didn't mean it in a bad way -- its true, there is a notable lack of cynicism here that goes with the blissful ideology of loving one's country no matter what.

The biggest news now is making Evansville Beautiful. In yesterday's paper, they showed a house in town with all this junk outside. Somehow, I don't think shaming the owner will help fix this obvious hording disorder, but perhaps the neighbors will rise up and...cheerfully help. I can definitely see that happening, but know that they will be talking wicked smack behind their neighbor's back.

The two other stories on the Courier-Press' front page yesterday was "Smoking backers argue for rights" (a public smoking ban is being considered) and "66 minors arrested at a party" (250 under-20 at a gathering over the weekend). Apparently, those arrested were not smart enough to drop their cup.

I recalled fond memories of my youth while reading the latter story. My feelings on the former are somewhat surprising, at least to those who know me.

Honestly, Evansville is not ready for a smoking ban. Maybe by 2015. Definitely by the time my kids are old enough to not smoke. But not now. Not when there are eating establishments that have no NON-smoking section. Not when 1/3 of all Hoosiers smoke.

I admire the liberal front that is trying to bring the city into a culture of health and beauty. Cleaning up a neighbor's yard is something people here can get behind. Having smoke free bars when there is a dive (on practically every corner in some neighborhoods) is not.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Its Friday

I've not done much this week. But I'm glad its Friday! Tonight is Moonlight BBQ and bluegrass in Rosine, KY.

You know the cliche of talking slower and louder to people who don't speak English (well), as if this will help them understand you better? I just heard one of the managers in the department doing this in a conference call to a branch in Puerto Rico. I can understand not talking extremely fast in situations like these, but it really came off as patronizing.

I apologize for the lack of posts. Every day is about the same. Zac invited a bunch of people he knows to see the Da Vinci Code. I think I'd rather see X-Men 3. All the hype and endless commentary about DVC has really turned me off.

I will put the pic of me and my maroon hair up as soon as I get it, along with a post about my newish friend, Maelynn.
The next color is a bright "red copper spritz." I don't know when I'll do it. Maybe the night before my last day of work. Only 45 more days!

Today's WOTD is ramshackle. I love this word because it means exactly what it sounds like. Ramshackle is an adjective meaning appearing ready to collapse or carelessly or loosely constructed. "There are quite a few ramshackle houses in the area."

Monday, May 08, 2006

Return of WOTD

beleaguered - adj. or verb

To be filled with worry and bother

example - She beleaguered her parents with constant demands.
Jodi looked haggard and beleaguered after a long night of studying.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

So my hair is maroon...

You know when you wake up from a really deep sleep and it takes you a moment to get oriented again? That's the way it was this morning with my hair. I brushed it back from my face and momentarily freaked out. Then I remembered: stupid temporary hair color on stupid sale.

What started as a bored activity has actually become a bizarre sociological experiment. I think maybe this is what its like for girls who have gotten breast enhancement surgery, when they're in public for the first time after. Everyone tries to not look at the chest region, but its impossible not to. Same thing for me -- except its my hair, not my ginormous bosom. And by ginormous, I mean capable of filling out a small Jogbra nicely thankyouverymuch.

Anyhoo, I need to take a picture of this monstrosity before it is washes out in 8 to 10 days. It's growing on me though.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy Happy Birthday

Ok, so my birthday isn't until July. But I already have a list made up, and I can tell you about 10 things from are on it. Yum. I'm a sucker for a good quality gummi bear (not worm, not Coke bottle, not fish..BEAR) and the site doesn't give me enough info. I mean, are they Haribo or the cheapo Black Forest? Somewhere in-between? I wanna know!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

You've Really Got a Hold On Me

Most of you know that I strongly disline clowns. I'm not scared anymore, but the urge to run away and/or smack the offensive beast as hard as I can is still present.

Not many people know how freaked out I got when I saw Smokey Robinson on Sesame Street in a skit. Let me explain: he was singing "You (U)'ve Really Got a Hold On Me" while this puppet in the shape of the letter U, 2/3 his size (with ginormous lips, no less) starts following him, then chasing him and ultimately carrying him off. I had forgotten about the carrying off part but the wonders of Google brought it all back.

I'm no longer scared of the giant U, although I do fear having dreams about it like I used to. Giant lips...bearing down...U tentacles wrapped around me. You get the idea. I definitely don't want to watch the sketch and would probably change the channel even if in the future some children were really enjoying...whatever there is to enjoy about Smokey Robinson being molested.

Despite what you might think, I don't dwell on these abnormalities in my past.
Seeing commercials and a review of a Burger King sandwich (on thus, this individual brought it back.

The worst part is, you never know when he might pop up on TV in some bizarre fashion. Looking in a window, as I recall, or in bed next to you. Must go, the weird shivers have returned...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I found out last night that the Jewish celebration of Passover lasts for a week and matzo is incorporated in as many ways as possible. Chocolate-covered matzo is ok, but if you aren't an observant Jew and want to have the same kind of experience, go for an unsalted saltine and a piece of dark chocolate stacked together.

There's a lady at work whose job it is to take care of all the plants around the building, including those in employee's cubes/offices. The plant I got in honor of Grandad is thriving under her care. It wouldn't look as good if I had it at home, but its not enough for me to want to stay.

Just in case you are wondering, I have 72 more work days until I'm out of here for good. My last day will be July 28...maybe earlier though, because I need to pack (and that would be a good excuse).

CQ might be meeting up with us in June! I love hot weather, how much fun it would be! One last hurrah before his baby comes. Babies = Scary stuff.

Today is my last day of mentoring at Glenwood. It would be neat to keep in touch with De'Anna and Octavia, but not realistic. I kept meaning to put little goody bags together for them and get a special dessert, but I think the mentors just do that to show off. Plenty of food will have to be enough.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Time Zone Madness

Indiana used to let the counties decide what time zone they wanted to be in and whether they wanted to use Daylight Savings time or not. The majority of the state wasn't in DST, prior to this year. Meaning, half the year they were with the Central time zone and half the year they were with Eastern.
No longer.
This year, all of Indiana is on DST for the first time. There are five counties in the north (by Chicago) and (I think) seven in the south that are in Central Time. The rest of the state is Eastern. And we all "fall back and spring forward", with the rest of the United States.
Evansville and Chicago will never be on the same time as Indianapolis again.

This means we've joined the rest of the U.S, and officially makes Arizona the oddball state.

I'm writing this because I have a hard time wrapping my head around this concept and an even harder time explaining it to people. So they will be referred to the blog henceforth.

Golden Grahams

Most of you know that I enjoy good food. Some of you might recall that when I was a sophomore in high school, AKA a decade ago this fall, the Lawrence High band went to New Orleans. It was my first trip away from home with no relatives with me and honestly, I was stoked. I had visions of crazy parties in the hotel and making out (with who, I had no idea) at Mardi Gras World.

I don't think anyone knows how Golden Grahams fit into the picture. To this day, they remain one of the things I remember most about the 1996 Sugar Bowl. Along with the horrendously long bus trip, the stellar aquarium, playing the marimba in front of thousands of people, and Bourbon Street.

We'd been told to bring a lot of snacks on the trip because our schedule would be touch and go. I ate pretty much all what I'd brought on the bus ride down to NO, because I was too sleepy/lazy to get off the bus when we stopped at Wendy's or whatever. Not to mention I hate standing in line, and that was pretty much a given.

So I ended up on the first day with a box of Golden Grahams. And no money, because I lost it or forgot to ask my parents for some. I can't remember.

The bottom line is that I ate dry Golden Grahams for 3 days straight, all meals except for dinner. The GG then had deeper ridges on them, which meant they scraped your mouth. Not as much as Cap'n Crunch, but you get the idea.

I will never forget rolling back into Lawrence, my mouth dry and tongue scratched, breaking into one of the chewy pecan pralines I'd gotten as a present for my parents.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pop Tarts

Not many people know that I used to work for Kellogg's. I did though, for one semester during college. I got a ton of free stuff (mostly edibles, chotchkes, and logoed junk) but I still have a Tony the Tiger plush toy and a semi-classy black Frosted Flakes duffel somewhere.
Anyhoo, I wasn't great at my job. I couldn't get Kellogg's any further visibility on campus and was escorted off KU property when I tried to give out free samples.
I did get $10 per hour and the chance to try Apple Cinnamon Pop Tarts. Lots of them. They are, by far, the best Pop Tart. Even if you come right out in my face like my brother will do and say that Brown Suga Sinnamon is. NO.

Long story short, last year my beloved flavor was discontinued. I was much more stressed and disheartened by finding this out than i should've been. For awhile I took to checking for their return every time I was at Schnuck's.
I like grocery shopping a lot more than most people. I was raised to like it. Ask my Dad.

I stopped checking for the return shortly after the New Year. I turned to reduced-sugar Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal. Fiber and all, you know. More filling, too.

A few days ago, I check out one of my favorite blogs - - and see this:

I'm just going to say that Kellogg's shouldn't have messed with perfection. Or tried to increase their profit margin by decreasing the amount of filling.

Friday, March 24, 2006

We're Gonna Go Way Back

Whenever I think about my education, I always think of Central Jr. High first. Go back to 1994 with me for a second. What were you doing that year? I'd just gotten into listening to Nirvana, found a band called Weezer and had a wicked crush on Gabe, who had a locker close to mine. I was in 7th grade and life was incredibly exciting.
I went to a school right downtown, a 100 year old brick building with 4 stories and a racially diverse student body. I felt lucky to go there because everyone told me I should be.
A large part of the time I was simultaneously confident and confused. One of the things that confused me the most (aside from why my mom thought purchasing a Land's End flannel shirt would be considered grunge and thus make me cool) was the creation of the Strong Black Brothas & Sistas Club.

Its my understanding that the club was created to create solidarity between the African-American students. It was created by a local pastor, Rev. Kennybrew. I think he helped with conflict resolution at the school, but had no official position. The club had regular meetings and they weren't exclusionary -- you could be white and attend. I don't think many white kids wanted to go though.

The club only lasted for a short time. I think parents were upset or something, largely because of the name. I never had any problem with it. I just wanted to know what they did at the meetings.

I hope my brother (he's actually my brother, not my brotha) corrects me if I'm wrong about any of this.

Kim, my only friend in the office at the Evil Corporation, is registered to participate in a giveaway for a new hot tub. Although St Patrick's Day is over, the gimmick is that you have to jump in "the world's largest bowl of Lucky Charms". If you find the key, you win. Oh, there's milk in the hot-tub bowl, as well. And lots of people looking at you. I really hope she does it. Just because its the kind of thing I'd like to take a picture of and post here on my blog.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006



American Cities That Best Fit You:

70% Austin

65% Las Vegas

55% Atlanta

55% Denver

55% Honolulu

The Movie Of Your Life Is A Black Comedy

In your life, things are so twisted that you just have to laugh.
You may end up insane, but you'll have fun on the way to the asylum.

Your best movie matches: Being John Malkovich, The Royal Tenenbaums, American Psycho

You Are a Natural Beauty!

You're the kind of beauty that every guy dreams about...
One that looks good in the morning - without a stich of makeup
That's doesn't mean you're a total hippie chic though
You have style, but for you, style is effortless

Don't Be Like Everyone Else

I've heard forever that it is best to "be yourself." But what if being yourself is a trifle boring? I don't really care what other people think, but I don't ever want to be bored with myself.
I found this great quote:
"Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinion, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." ~Oscar Wilde
I used to know quite a lot about Oscar Wilde. But when I posted the quote I realized that I only remembered that he wrote The Importance of Being Ernest which and was gay.
I found out that he was a brilliant playwright, wrote only one book (“The Picture of Dorian Gray") that was published 90 years before I was born, and knew a ton about the human condition.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Two, Yes Two, Words of the Day

The first - offing-a noun meaning, "in the near or foreseeable future." I first saw this word on the Lawrence Journal-World's website, believe it or not, in this phrase: "Mild day in the offing, temperatures in the 50s."Offing can also mean "the part of the sea visible from shore that is very distant or beyond anchoring ground." I'm pretty sure, given the context, that was not what they meant.

The second -frottage-is a noun meaning,"the act of rubbing against the body of another person, as in a crowd, to attain sexual gratification." I got this from a sentence in a book I'm reading called Diary of a Viagra Fiendby Jayson Gallaway. "I'll wait until we're filming B-roll in some seedy nightclub and yank you onto the dance floor and frottage your thigh then." Frottage can also mean "a method of making a design by placing a piece of paper on top of an object and then rubbing over it, as with a pencil or charcoal." But again, from the context, I'm fairly sure that's not the case.

My sister is coming to visit a week from last night. I don't know what we'll be doing, except that she'll see me wash dishes at Kitchen Affairs one night and witness the arrogance of the chef alongside me.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Its Friday

So I'm on myspace now, despite the fact that it seems like 85% of the people are younger than me. I tell myself that its ok, age isn't anything but a number (except in the cases of certain boys I've dated) and I'm enjoying surfing and adding "friends."
I'll be back in Lawrence the night of April 12 for some R&R but mostly seeing Jodi and Kristen and Em and Mom and Dad and Peggy and then my sweet Grammy before going to Wichita for Grandpa's 80th birthday. I missed Grandad's due to something I can't remember and won't make that mistake again.
Just finished reading the eulogy Dad gave for Grandad and tears started flowing freely...I have a big regret that I didn't know him better. A part of me was always kind of nervous around him (which doesn't mean much, I am/used to be nervous around a lot of people) but I never knew what to say. He was mostly stoic and serious, until the last few years of his life.
It will be hard going to his house, knowing he won't be there and seeing Grammy in pain.
On a completely opposite note, there's a place to get (fairly) free-range elk and venison in a town nearby Wichita. Yum.
Last night was a really good time of homestyle cooking...class at Kitchen Affairs with my fave chef, Scott...all of his classes in the months to come are already spoken for, in terms of assistants. Grrrrr.
I think I'm catering tomorrow for my secret mentor, Cindy. yayay

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ways I Am Like a Man

But first, today's Word of the Day.
Jingoistic, a noun meaning "extreme nationalism characterized especially by a belligerent foreign policy; chauvinistic patriotism." Basically a country being a collective asshole to other countries.
I think I liked the word better when I didn't know what it meant. Now I'm singing the song about the dog named B-I-N-G-O except, you know.

Ways I am like a Man

1. I pick out my pants for work (from my closet) based on whether they are long enough that I don't have to wear socks. I don't like socks. Fashion just doesn't apply here.

2. Sometimes I find myself thinking think, "I wonder how the Jayhawks pulled out that victory?" when people are talking about their health problems or "getting old."

3. I've never had a manicure or pedicure and really think it is easiest and cleanest to keep nails short.

4. The girls I am friends with are special to me because there is no pettiness, jealousy, or needless conversation about why that outfit makes that girl look like a hooker.

5. I can't physically go shopping for more than 1 hour without it draining my energy.

Monday, March 06, 2006

This thing called MySpace

Is it good? I've never really looked at the site...its blocked here at work. Maybe a worthwhile way to meet people? I need a good picture of myself though.

Friday, March 03, 2006

At this Point

It is now the Friday afternoon before the weekend to be spent in Chicago.
I'm also taking the plunge and seeing if the good ol' local Courier & Press has any worthwhile food-type jobs for someone with no food experience.

Oh, won't you come with me on this journey through Classified land?
Let's see....Trade Show Cooking Host. That could be fun. Ahhh, its basically doing demos at trade shows and dinner parties. Have to purchase a "starter kit."

I saw openings at Cracker Barrel for a server, openings at the Red Geranium for servers/cooks/soux chefs. The latter would be tempting if not for the fact that its a 40 minute drive there and back...I'd rather not get into the commuting mode until September.

Friday, February 24, 2006

the last Olympic blog

...I think. I haven't gotten this into the Olympics since the '88 games in Seoul. I had such a madd crush on Greg Louganis. The shirtless Gillette man and catchy jingle just couldn't grab my 7 year old heart the way Greg could.

Anyhoo, highlights of the past day or so include a streaker at the U.S. curling match and Speedy Peterson, a quintuple-twisting freestyle skier. Can't wait to see the highlights.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

So, Here I Am

I am here, at my usual place at 3:12 on a Thursday afternoon. I'm more reticent than bored, content with enjoying the pseudo-solitude than finding an activity to say I'm doing to break up the monotony. I'm looking forward to next Thursday afternoon which will be the day before a road trip to Chicago, for the beer fest (cask ale gathering, if you prefer) and a cozy dinner at Matsuyama with the 2 Skinny J's. Of course, I'm also looking forward to the time after David Pampuch's Fish Dish class tonight, when I can relax and watch the Olympics.

Life is made up of simultaneously enjoying the moment and looking forward to events. Of course, it is much easier to do the latter but I'm working on finding sweetness amid the salty, bitter and simply bland areas.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Olympic Update

Last night on PTI, Wilbon and Kornheiser were discussing whether ice dancing was improved by the fact that five different couples crashed and burned. I was thinking the same thing to myself before, but wasn't sure it would be ok to bring it up. At least to people at work, who most likely have their favorites picked out, lacy outfits and all.

I renounce my enjoyment of Bode Miller's antics. He's just lame now. Seems like all the media hype he disliked (and ironically, fed into) distracted him and made him into a big loser.

I've been interested in the other sports that you normally only see at the Olympics, like the skeleton and luge. I just don't get curling. After reading the Sport Explainers on the Sports Illustrated site, I thought i understand how the game is played. And then I forgot. I don't think I could get into it unless someone close to me was on a team. Or there was betting involved. Or something.

Sometime in my life I want to try the skeleton. Maybe when I'm old because then people would have to be polite regarding my reckless behavior.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Its a little depressing to be back in Indiana now that I've gotten all excited about Colorado. I found out today that I got a scholarship to the school I'd applied to ~ Johnson & Wales in Denver. Its not a huge $ amount but better than "a stick in the eye," as my Dad would say. Here are some pictures that I found on the internet of the school. For some unknown reason, I didn't take any of the campus or Culinary Arts building. I will post about the Culinary Expo though. That was really neat.

This is the building that will be used for the 50-room hotel/event center that will be student-run. I (most likely) will have graduated by the time it opens.

A random picture of the Culinary Arts building, just to show how new and shiny it is. I think its 3-4 years old.

One of the dining rooms where I'll learn the art of "front of the house" service.

One of the courses I'll be taking is called Meat Fabrication which includes learning all the parts and uses of a cow, lamb, chicken and pig. They told us that we will start with a whole cow and "break it down" into different portions.

Can you tell I'm excited?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I've been kind of following the news coverage of the upcoming Olympics in Turin, which means I'm reading the press on the U.S. skeleton coach's alleged harrassment, an athlete who was going prematurely bald-used meds to grow hair-was accused of performance enhancing drugs, "The Flying Tomato" snowboarder, and...

Bode Miller

apparently he's an awesome downhill skier who's all like I'm too sexy for my Barilla hat. Day-um.
He's also recently discussed, among other things: athletes are punished for speaking their minds; the athletes' village at the Olympics isn't a "healthy living environment"; and his mixed feelings about U.S. Ski and Snowboard team's motto of "Best in the World!" — which he characterized as a 'clever marketing twist.'"

My favorite comment of Bode's was how hard a certain ski run is while intoxicated. =)
His attitude reminds me of a guy I grew up with, named Jesse. He almost always had a sneer on his face but had nothing interesting to say.

Changing the subject, I want to address those who think Wizard of Oz jokes are something that Kansans feel are amusing. Just go ahead and say something about Dorothy, Toto, 'not being in Kansas anymore,' or tornadoes to yourself, because you will be the only one laughing. We've not only heard every single one before, but feel they are lame to begin with. At least I do.

I'm gonna try to blog from Colorado but that might not happen, me lacking a laptop and all.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Natural Departure

Very early Sunday morning Grandad succumbed to cancer. I wasn't surprised when my father called with the news, but am still struck by waves of sadness that seem to come from nowhere. After talking to Grammy, I've decided to go to Colorado as planned.

I find myself thinking of the last trip he and Grammy took us on, to Horn Creek Ranch (Sangre de Cristo mountain area)this summer. It was very relaxing and peaceful, except for one day - when we attempted to climb Horn Peak, the 289th highest mountain in Colorado. Which sounds less impressive than it is, being almost 14,000 feet.
It was a really tough hike, mostly because we didn't head this advice ~ "The loose scree on Horn's south slopes above the lower Dry Lake are to be avoided at all costs."
It was like climbing up a hill covered in marbles, over and over again.
Which slowed us down, which meant that we still had a thousand feet to go when it started lightening.
A picture of what almost was:

On Saturday afternoon, I'm going to find a nice cafe in Boulder and have a glass of merlot. Whenever we had a nice meal out, Grandad would have some. His mother made wine and from what I've heard, even the inexpensive merlot was tasty compared to it. I'm bringing a picture of my grandparents and will say a prayer for both of them.

Friday, February 03, 2006

What to Say, What to Say

I don't have a Word for the Day. I will take suggestions, if anyone is keen.
I've been thinking hard about what fifty words I could sum up my life in.

Here goes:
"I see the beautiful, the interesting and the worthwhile. I strive to understand how circumstances and events fit into the world. I take chances and time to enjoy. Spending time in worship and serving others brings me happiness and helps me learn more about myself and others. I'm an optimist."

Only four more days until I go to Colorado to investigate Johnson & Wales culinary program and apartments!
A picture of where I'll be:

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Fifty Words or Less

On Sunday, Mr. S (co-owner of my fun workplace)'s philosophy regarding all meaningful experiences, ideas, etc. is that they must be able to be explained in 50 words or less to be worthwhile.
Regarding his life: "Every day, I read, I listen to good music, I smile at other people, I laugh out loud, and I give thanks that I can do these things. For the good I receive from life, I try to give full measure in return."

What's yours?
I will put mine up tomorrow.

Today's WoTD is exchequer. I read it in Harry Potter. Officially, it is Britain's national revenue department, but it can be used to mean financial resources or funds. Its pronounced ex-check-er.

Monday, January 30, 2006


...the WoTD. Also Kim K's daughter's favorite word. Means to get rid of, purge, etc. I always get a vision of unclogging a toilet, but that's probably just me. Try saying it with the emphasis on different syllables. I think my favorite word is satiate.
I will post something more meaningful and perhaps more interesting later today.

Friday, January 27, 2006


This WoTD is a noun officially meaning a short strap, ribbon, or chain attached to a pocket watch. But fob is also a fancy word for keychain. Kind of like toupee is used instead of bad hairpiece.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Of My Own...

Volition, aka the Word of the Day meaning a conscious choice or decision. I first came across this word in college. It was used frequently by the guys in the schol hall next to mine to explain actions or events that unintentionally occured. For example, "I drank too much of that McCormick vodka last night, but it wasn't of my own volition."

Other things I know...
At first I was confused by the accusations that James Frey made events up in his quasi-memoir. But you know what, I'm more confused (and I use that word loosely) that he capitalized many more words than necessary to make an impact. That is the real crime, if you asked me. For example, "I heard the Rage come again, Booming in my Head." I made that up, but you get the general idea.

I want to print out articles about transgender issues to freak out my coworkers. I'm just that bored.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

WotD and the Defector

Today's word is snit. Its a noun meaning "a condition of excited distress." I used it yesterday ~ snit is my favorite Word of the Day so far. Why are you in such a snit today?

Yesterday, it was reported on that Micah Downs, a highly-touted freshman guard is leaving the Kansas Basketball team because of "personal issues." Rumors of homesickness, missing his girlfriend at home in Seattle, etc abound, but anyone who follows college b-ball has to consider that those issues might be smoke screens for a crybaby upset over a lack of playing time.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Squalor the Word of the Day. I didn't do so well fitting yesterday's word into casual conversation. I want to blame it on the fact that I don't have a lot of conversations during the course of an average day. But it boils down to just forgetting.
Squalor is a noun meaning sordid dirtiness. Basically a condition in which you wouldn't want to live. Squalid would be the adjective form describing such, but the neat thing is, you can use that form to describe someone's moral choices. I wouldn't though...judge not, etc.
If you Google squalor, you can find an organization dedicated to helping those who live in such a situation (of their own accord) change their living conditions. If you contact them for assistance, please don't tell me.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Word of the Day

I woke up in the middle of the night and with the idea that every day I could feature a different word in my blog, and encourage readers to use it. At 2:30 am, I said to myself Emily, you are a genius. I think I smiled dreamily and rolled over after that.

Anyway, today's word is precipice. It is a noun, meaning a cliff or the brink of a hazardous situation. Say it to yourself and then out loud. Especially if you are mostly alone but there's a slight chance of someone hearing you say it.

Then try to work it in to casual conversation. As in, "My you seem to be standing at the precipice of being fired," or "Wow, look at the view from that precipice over there."

If you do this, please let me know. I will do my best and report back.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Today I worked a job honoring the managers of Toyota. There's going to be a new President of Toyota - North America and he met all of the catering crew. We had a large space to work in and the afternoon flew by. One of the workers was the daughter of the Main Caterer Lady and it was interesting to hear the conversations between the two 15/16 year olds. I remembered what it was like to be that age and to feel awkward and struggle for apathy in order to push the feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt away.

One of the topics at hand was the girl at the school dance who pushed her shirt up to her bra and her opposite, the girl who lacked rhythm and embarrassed those around her by trying to dance.

I'm pretty sure I would've made fun of these girls as well, worrying if I was at one extreme or the other. I also remembered how you couldn't just go up to a guy you liked and start making conversation ~ you had to have someone find out ~ if he was interested.
I don't know if life if harder now for those growing up than it was for me. I think a lot of the innocence is gone earlier.

Monday, January 16, 2006


So there's been some negative feedback regarding the pictures of attractive men I posted. I was tempted to post more, as a result. But I think I will go the educational route regarding men in today's entry. Dr. Palmer told me that 50% of all men will eventually get cancer, of some sort. I don't know the figures for women, sorry, but keep feeling your breasts for any changes. Anyway, here's a picture of what you need to get checked after you turn 40, if you have one:

That's right: your prostate. Dr. Palmer says that the procedure is painless and relatively embarrassing. She didn't laugh after observing her first one. I don't think.
There is a blood test you can take to make sure you don't have cancer, but "bumps on the prostate can cause problems too."

Anyhoo, I'm having a spectacularly good day after one of the worst weekends ever. Serious, life-altering events happened. Sickness, pain, self-realization, saying final goodbyes...
Sometimes words just don't work the way we want them to.

On the lighter side, don't go see Casanova unless you are with good friends who love to laugh. And a nice movie theatre helps as well.
Check your prostate. It might not thank you, but maybe others will?

Friday, January 06, 2006

My Version

Some blogs call it a "to-do" list. I'm just calling it a montage of attractive faces that I"ll look at when I need some cheering up.

...A model named Christian Monzon

and, of course, ZB

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

This Is It

Every day as I drive to work, I see the outside of a door. The only difference between this door and any other is that it is positioned on the side of a second-story house. So theoretically, an unsuspecting person could open it and fall to the ground.
I think that the start of each New Year is a lot like this door. You have to trust that you won't fall, no matter where the doors open. Or if you fall, know that life is about falling, picking yourself up and moving on.
It is also important to remember that you can only change yourself to some extent, and you cannot change those around you. No matter what you decide your actions will be for 2006, the previous year and the people around you will affect those choices.

Be at peace. There is nothing worse than an invisible source gnawing at your insides. I know from experience that pain and hate will nibble on you until you are raw. In the end, it just takes longer to heal.

Don't look back. The past is gone. Fix what you need to and move ahead. Understand that you only get today (most likely tomorrow, as well, but you know what I'm trying to say here).
Stick up for yourself. As my mother once said (I needed to hear it more than she will never know), in the end, you are the only person who can take care of yourself.

Learn from your mistakes.
Take risks. I know I am and I'll let you know how things turn out.