Thursday, May 04, 2006

So my hair is maroon...

You know when you wake up from a really deep sleep and it takes you a moment to get oriented again? That's the way it was this morning with my hair. I brushed it back from my face and momentarily freaked out. Then I remembered: stupid temporary hair color on stupid sale.

What started as a bored activity has actually become a bizarre sociological experiment. I think maybe this is what its like for girls who have gotten breast enhancement surgery, when they're in public for the first time after. Everyone tries to not look at the chest region, but its impossible not to. Same thing for me -- except its my hair, not my ginormous bosom. And by ginormous, I mean capable of filling out a small Jogbra nicely thankyouverymuch.

Anyhoo, I need to take a picture of this monstrosity before it is washes out in 8 to 10 days. It's growing on me though.

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Anonymous said...

em - i really need to see a picture of this. it would make my day. i think you know how badly i need the help :) an old friend of mine recently got a breast reduction. i am sad to say that i didn't even notice. love 1/2JEm