Wednesday, May 24, 2006

On...the Town

John-Paul, a guy who works in the cafeteria at work, noted that "it must be time to do laundry because I was wearing a skirt." I wanted to explain to him my no-socks policy but decided it was best to laugh and smile and agree.

The main difference between going out on a Saturday night in Evansville and doing the same in Lawrence is that everyone looks the same here. It will be so refreshing to go to Free State and not see copies of copies this weekend. I also think people are shorter here, but have no evidence to back that up.

In the past year and a half, E'ville has really grown on me. Making friends and gradually not caring what other people think is a huge part of that. There is the same sort of Midwestern hospitality as I was used to in Kansas. As Jess (an E'ville lifer, mind you) once said, "People here are happy and mostly nice, just kind of ignorant." He didn't mean it in a bad way -- its true, there is a notable lack of cynicism here that goes with the blissful ideology of loving one's country no matter what.

The biggest news now is making Evansville Beautiful. In yesterday's paper, they showed a house in town with all this junk outside. Somehow, I don't think shaming the owner will help fix this obvious hording disorder, but perhaps the neighbors will rise up and...cheerfully help. I can definitely see that happening, but know that they will be talking wicked smack behind their neighbor's back.

The two other stories on the Courier-Press' front page yesterday was "Smoking backers argue for rights" (a public smoking ban is being considered) and "66 minors arrested at a party" (250 under-20 at a gathering over the weekend). Apparently, those arrested were not smart enough to drop their cup.

I recalled fond memories of my youth while reading the latter story. My feelings on the former are somewhat surprising, at least to those who know me.

Honestly, Evansville is not ready for a smoking ban. Maybe by 2015. Definitely by the time my kids are old enough to not smoke. But not now. Not when there are eating establishments that have no NON-smoking section. Not when 1/3 of all Hoosiers smoke.

I admire the liberal front that is trying to bring the city into a culture of health and beauty. Cleaning up a neighbor's yard is something people here can get behind. Having smoke free bars when there is a dive (on practically every corner in some neighborhoods) is not.

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