Friday, February 24, 2006

the last Olympic blog

...I think. I haven't gotten this into the Olympics since the '88 games in Seoul. I had such a madd crush on Greg Louganis. The shirtless Gillette man and catchy jingle just couldn't grab my 7 year old heart the way Greg could.

Anyhoo, highlights of the past day or so include a streaker at the U.S. curling match and Speedy Peterson, a quintuple-twisting freestyle skier. Can't wait to see the highlights.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

So, Here I Am

I am here, at my usual place at 3:12 on a Thursday afternoon. I'm more reticent than bored, content with enjoying the pseudo-solitude than finding an activity to say I'm doing to break up the monotony. I'm looking forward to next Thursday afternoon which will be the day before a road trip to Chicago, for the beer fest (cask ale gathering, if you prefer) and a cozy dinner at Matsuyama with the 2 Skinny J's. Of course, I'm also looking forward to the time after David Pampuch's Fish Dish class tonight, when I can relax and watch the Olympics.

Life is made up of simultaneously enjoying the moment and looking forward to events. Of course, it is much easier to do the latter but I'm working on finding sweetness amid the salty, bitter and simply bland areas.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Olympic Update

Last night on PTI, Wilbon and Kornheiser were discussing whether ice dancing was improved by the fact that five different couples crashed and burned. I was thinking the same thing to myself before, but wasn't sure it would be ok to bring it up. At least to people at work, who most likely have their favorites picked out, lacy outfits and all.

I renounce my enjoyment of Bode Miller's antics. He's just lame now. Seems like all the media hype he disliked (and ironically, fed into) distracted him and made him into a big loser.

I've been interested in the other sports that you normally only see at the Olympics, like the skeleton and luge. I just don't get curling. After reading the Sport Explainers on the Sports Illustrated site, I thought i understand how the game is played. And then I forgot. I don't think I could get into it unless someone close to me was on a team. Or there was betting involved. Or something.

Sometime in my life I want to try the skeleton. Maybe when I'm old because then people would have to be polite regarding my reckless behavior.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Its a little depressing to be back in Indiana now that I've gotten all excited about Colorado. I found out today that I got a scholarship to the school I'd applied to ~ Johnson & Wales in Denver. Its not a huge $ amount but better than "a stick in the eye," as my Dad would say. Here are some pictures that I found on the internet of the school. For some unknown reason, I didn't take any of the campus or Culinary Arts building. I will post about the Culinary Expo though. That was really neat.

This is the building that will be used for the 50-room hotel/event center that will be student-run. I (most likely) will have graduated by the time it opens.

A random picture of the Culinary Arts building, just to show how new and shiny it is. I think its 3-4 years old.

One of the dining rooms where I'll learn the art of "front of the house" service.

One of the courses I'll be taking is called Meat Fabrication which includes learning all the parts and uses of a cow, lamb, chicken and pig. They told us that we will start with a whole cow and "break it down" into different portions.

Can you tell I'm excited?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I've been kind of following the news coverage of the upcoming Olympics in Turin, which means I'm reading the press on the U.S. skeleton coach's alleged harrassment, an athlete who was going prematurely bald-used meds to grow hair-was accused of performance enhancing drugs, "The Flying Tomato" snowboarder, and...

Bode Miller

apparently he's an awesome downhill skier who's all like I'm too sexy for my Barilla hat. Day-um.
He's also recently discussed, among other things: athletes are punished for speaking their minds; the athletes' village at the Olympics isn't a "healthy living environment"; and his mixed feelings about U.S. Ski and Snowboard team's motto of "Best in the World!" — which he characterized as a 'clever marketing twist.'"

My favorite comment of Bode's was how hard a certain ski run is while intoxicated. =)
His attitude reminds me of a guy I grew up with, named Jesse. He almost always had a sneer on his face but had nothing interesting to say.

Changing the subject, I want to address those who think Wizard of Oz jokes are something that Kansans feel are amusing. Just go ahead and say something about Dorothy, Toto, 'not being in Kansas anymore,' or tornadoes to yourself, because you will be the only one laughing. We've not only heard every single one before, but feel they are lame to begin with. At least I do.

I'm gonna try to blog from Colorado but that might not happen, me lacking a laptop and all.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Natural Departure

Very early Sunday morning Grandad succumbed to cancer. I wasn't surprised when my father called with the news, but am still struck by waves of sadness that seem to come from nowhere. After talking to Grammy, I've decided to go to Colorado as planned.

I find myself thinking of the last trip he and Grammy took us on, to Horn Creek Ranch (Sangre de Cristo mountain area)this summer. It was very relaxing and peaceful, except for one day - when we attempted to climb Horn Peak, the 289th highest mountain in Colorado. Which sounds less impressive than it is, being almost 14,000 feet.
It was a really tough hike, mostly because we didn't head this advice ~ "The loose scree on Horn's south slopes above the lower Dry Lake are to be avoided at all costs."
It was like climbing up a hill covered in marbles, over and over again.
Which slowed us down, which meant that we still had a thousand feet to go when it started lightening.
A picture of what almost was:

On Saturday afternoon, I'm going to find a nice cafe in Boulder and have a glass of merlot. Whenever we had a nice meal out, Grandad would have some. His mother made wine and from what I've heard, even the inexpensive merlot was tasty compared to it. I'm bringing a picture of my grandparents and will say a prayer for both of them.

Friday, February 03, 2006

What to Say, What to Say

I don't have a Word for the Day. I will take suggestions, if anyone is keen.
I've been thinking hard about what fifty words I could sum up my life in.

Here goes:
"I see the beautiful, the interesting and the worthwhile. I strive to understand how circumstances and events fit into the world. I take chances and time to enjoy. Spending time in worship and serving others brings me happiness and helps me learn more about myself and others. I'm an optimist."

Only four more days until I go to Colorado to investigate Johnson & Wales culinary program and apartments!
A picture of where I'll be: