Tuesday, November 30, 2004


J. cleaned today. He saw dirtiness that I had long since stopped noticing and took care of it. Seeing the rooms was like getting glasses for the first time. Everything looked sharp, clear and...dust-free.
N. hurt Sterling because she scratched him. He didn't apologize and just sat, looking remarkably demonic. Like one of the little boys at the end of Rosemary's Baby. I won't go into detail about what happened but we'll definitely be "ending the match." At first I was equally sad about losing N. and Sterling being hurt. I got really angry though as we were taking him home. He needs psychiatric help and his mother is so...drugged up? mentally deficient?, it will be a miracle if he graduates from high school without getting in serious trouble.
So I sit, enjoying a tasty Anchor OSA in a clean room, bummed out and wondering about nothing in particular. You can either fight or accept and sometimes neither option seems appealing.

Monday, November 29, 2004

I'm Bored, Ok?

Long story short: the Christmas tree is up. I think I might try persuading J. to wrestle with ours, if we get one. I understand now why the erecting/decorating/lighting can be a time of cursing. But thats over now, I have the collection of various canned goods as well as an interview in another department to look forward to.
Unrelated note:
I can just imagine the Germans saying to themselves, "Warum w├╝rde sie solch eine Sache tun?" Pay her more, you sillyheads and she wouldn't have to take nude photos! But from what I hear, the pics were tasteful and artistically done (as well as not showing anything verboten) so I'm understanding where Miss Weisse Schnee is coming from.

Call Me Scrooge

I'm not quite understanding why we have to have a Christmas tree in our department. And there just isn't any room. File cabinets have filled the space from last year. I'm not going to lie, part of my scroogosity is due to the fact that I will have to put it up. I'll have to list "put up Christmas tree and accompanying decorations" on my weekly report. And then it will be obvious that I really don't have much to do.
Jessica's baby, Eliza, died yesterday. It has been so long since I've talked to her but she wrote us a month ago and seemed hopeful. I never got the chance to meet Eliza but I know she was brave and strong. And now she's at peace.

Friday, November 26, 2004


Part one and part two of Turkey Day are over now and I'm enjoying silence that comes from everyone socializing elsewhere. Its just fun to be alone sometimes.
Lawrence is different with my friends gone. I'm looking forward to getting outside tomorrow.
Don and Simcoe are getting new homes on Sunday.
Caucus. Thats a neat word. Instead of saying, "Let's go have a meeting," you could say "Let's go have a caucus."

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Back Again

Its time for Kansas basketball again. They've played a 'real' game prior to tonight but not that I could view. So tonight is the official start for me.
My bro pointed out that blogs aren't necessarily supposed to be funny. I just want to avoid being boring.
I wonder what is going to happen when I get a job that demands I work hard. I probably won't update as much because I won't have time to think about all the random things that make life interesting every day. Not doing actual work is more interesting than you might think. But that's just because I have to leave the house and work with other spazzes that may or may not be being productive.
I work with one of the sweetest ladies who always seems to be overwhelmed with tasks. But I wonder if the work is difficult or if she's gotten exceptional at spacing things out so that she always has something to do.
I never thought Dilbert (the cartoon, is that still around?) was that funny. But now I think that was because I never had a frame of reference for the types of situations he was in.

Ahh, I hear the Rock Chalk chant. Bittersweet, thats what that is. Oh, to be 18 again.

Monday, November 22, 2004


On September 28, Buttons was born. She was the color of a pork chop with a tiny little tail. There were 14 other babies, so she did her best to fight for...milk. She grew very quickly and enjoyed wrestling with her sisters and biting them when she felt it was appropriate. One day, Buttons went to live with someone else. The nice lady said, "Thank you Emily for being such a good mommy to Buttons."

Here is a picture of Buttons: www.tailspinzrattery.com/Buttons.html

The End

Not Seattle

Its fairly safe to say that the sun has not shown for more than 45 minutes total in the last week and a half.
Yet every day I wake up expecting it to be sunny. Or at least not raining.
J. said something yesterday about living in Lawrence. That makes me excited. But I would settle for just being in the area.
A manager in the dept. keeps sending documents to this really dysfunctional printer located right outside my cube. She's making these really exasperated noises. I wonder why she doesn't use one of the other 5 available.
Just so I don't have to hear about it, could you please walk extra 30 feet to the other printer? Its hard for me to deal with life, what with my pointless work existence, it being rainy and my in-laws coming for dinner tonight. Thank you.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Watching the Watchers

The Village is an interesting film. I paid $3 to see it at the cheapie theater and felt that was about right. There were many metaphors about life that I wasn't expecting and some, quite frankly, I could've done without.
After it was over, we sat there. Our friends were watching the credits. I'd always made fun of credit-watchers before, not really understanding why they would sit in the theater rather than stretching after a long film.
I think maybe they sit, not to watch the names scroll by, but to maybe digest what they've just seen. A final reflection, if you will. I'm still not a convert.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

You've Got a Man Now, Bess! You've Got Porgy!

Last night we saw Porgy and Bess. Its the only opera I've seen thats been in English but at least with the ones in Italian you can read the teleprompter thingy to know everything thats happening. Just in case you've never seen it, here's a brief rundown.

The two main characters are Porgy, a cripple and Bess, a big ho. In fact, if there was a union for such people, Bess would most likely be their advocate. Bess is 'wit' Crown, a big burly dude with a penchant for strong liquor (he says on more than one occasion, 'dis jus' ain't strong enough'). The two of them run around with Sporting Life who can best be described as a dapper drug dealer/pimp who can really dance. He loves tempting people with 'happy dust.'

Crown kills a man and Bess goes to Porgy for refuge. The local women see her for who she is -- basically a cocaine-addicted trick with a heart--but Porgy can't. They fall in love but Bess tearfully explains that Crown has her 'hypnotize' and she'd go back to him if he came for her. Of course he does and Porgy kills him.. When Porgy leaves to identify Crown's body (why?) Bess runs off with Sporting Life to New York.

Porgy has this square skateboard-type platform he rolls around on and it tended to distract from the especially dramatic moments. After it was over, he rolled out for applause and jumped up. I yelled "Hallelujah!" and some people around me gave me dirty looks.

The music was the best part. If you've never heard Gershwin, the man was truly a genius.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Just Shut Up

I think that if I keep the music going (and turn it up just a little louder every few minutes) the people in the conference room might shut the door. But the Evil Admin has trained everyone to keep all doors open no matter what. And to never ever wear any sort of fragrance, lest she get some sort of sensory overload that might render her unable to bitch for awhile.
She's gone this week. Its Friday though and I don't feel that I've relished her absence as much as I should.
I try not to think that it doesn't matter whether I'm here at work or not. Two days off, four days off...I have to come back at some point. There will come a day when I just can't anymore and I wonder when that will be.
Like Kuhnhenn, the plucky bald runner. He's always falling down or almost getting hit by a car. The car contact count is up to 4. I've not seen him but he gets up again, no matter how much he's bleeding or in apparent pain. He's not always hurt, but from what Dale says he is either made of rubber or extremely lucky.

I'm motivated by him. He loves running and will do it no matter the cost.
I never want to be motivated by those in my department who have been bouncing back for decades. Pain keeps you cognizant of where you are in life. The blase attitude that people take here strings weeks into months into years with reality one step behind.
Phantom Planet blasts "Big Brat" and still, the door stays open.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


I got the idea for this blog mostly from Andrea Seigel's Afternoon in Drama...she's hilarious, irreverent and talented. Also a published author.
I love reading food blogs...especially 101cookbooks.com and tastingmenu.
So maybe this will be a combination. I don't really want to get personal. If you want to know something about me, just ask.

Besides the eBay auction for a grilled cheese sandwich in the shape of the Virgin Mary, something else on my mind this morning:
I wish it wasn't posted on Michael Moore's site. I'm not doubting the credibility of it but he's the liberal counterpart of Jerry Falwell.