Friday, November 19, 2004

Just Shut Up

I think that if I keep the music going (and turn it up just a little louder every few minutes) the people in the conference room might shut the door. But the Evil Admin has trained everyone to keep all doors open no matter what. And to never ever wear any sort of fragrance, lest she get some sort of sensory overload that might render her unable to bitch for awhile.
She's gone this week. Its Friday though and I don't feel that I've relished her absence as much as I should.
I try not to think that it doesn't matter whether I'm here at work or not. Two days off, four days off...I have to come back at some point. There will come a day when I just can't anymore and I wonder when that will be.
Like Kuhnhenn, the plucky bald runner. He's always falling down or almost getting hit by a car. The car contact count is up to 4. I've not seen him but he gets up again, no matter how much he's bleeding or in apparent pain. He's not always hurt, but from what Dale says he is either made of rubber or extremely lucky.

I'm motivated by him. He loves running and will do it no matter the cost.
I never want to be motivated by those in my department who have been bouncing back for decades. Pain keeps you cognizant of where you are in life. The blase attitude that people take here strings weeks into months into years with reality one step behind.
Phantom Planet blasts "Big Brat" and still, the door stays open.

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