Thursday, August 25, 2005

Put the ball in the hole

You know the Adam Sandler movie "Happy Gilmore"? There are some really classic quotes and today, one came to mind. Mostly because of the way I'm spending my time at work.
The Scene - Happy's Grandma is in a nursing home because her home was taken by the IRS. While Happy is trying to win golf tournaments to get her house back, she is forced to make quilts.

Nursing Home Orderly (Ben Stiller): Good news, everybody, we're extending arts and crafts time by four hours today.
Happy's Grandma: My fingers hurt.
Nursing Home Orderly: What's that?
Happy's Grandma: My fingers hurt.
Nursing Home Orderly: Oh, well, now your back's gonna hurt, 'cause you just pulled landscaping duty. Anybody else's fingers hurt?... I didn't think so.

For those of you that don't know, my arm is broken. And this is Candy-Gram week. Basically, employees pay a dollar to get a candy bar and a message sent through interoffice mail. It is an extremely popular fundraiser with hundreds of Skittles, Starbursts, 3 Musketeers, etc forming a wall within my cubicle.
The money goes to United Way, which makes the task somewhat worthwhile, but the repetitive motion of cutting and folding, stuffing and sealing is wearing on me. Just a few minutes ago, I fell off my chair while reaching for a package of Snickers. So I figure I probably feel like Happy's Grandma. But I could certainly deal if Ben Stiller was here.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Mega M&Ms My Sweet Patoot

Just because its bigger does not mean its better. I do not crave a large candy shell. The smallness was what made them wonderful. BAH!

And a joke...
"Every year I sit at the table in front of a bowl of candy corn like I've never seen it before. 'Ooooh corn that tastes like candy.' So I try some. Son of a bitch, it tastes like crap! AGAIN!" ~ Lewis Black

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Before I Forget

I survived the visitation and the funeral. Just "being there" wasn't as hard as the need to decompress alone, which is just a part of being me. Working out, which is almost as good as reading or watching Lewis Black solo, helped me reunite with my inner calm.
A story
In September of 1930, a baby boy was born. His father loved prize fighting and wanted to name the child Jack Dempsey. The boy's mother disliked the idea and said so. The father said "What if we name the child William Harrison instead?" The mother, not knowing the full story, agreed. Turns out that the substitute was Jack's real name.

Today we said goodbye to this man, who I first wrote about here -

I do want to mention that in my March 18th post, I knew something was up was up with Rafael Palmeiro. Slug.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Achilles heel

I really have a problem (it makes me uncomfortable) when people are hurting or upset and there is nothing I can do to ease the pain. Just "being there" is the hardest because I start to feel really itchy and nauseous. I believe that my feelings stem from not having a lot of experience dealing with situations where I can't say or do something optimistic to coax out a smile or laugh. My parents sheltered me from situations where I would have to face others' sorrow. Maybe because they feel uncomfortable in these situations as well. I'm not sure.

So today I will go to a visitation and tomorrow, a funeral. The second I've gone to and the first in over a decade. I will be supportive and try not to show anxiousness on my face. During and after, I'll be honest with myself and see if I can understand and change the way I feel and become more empathetic.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Me and Char

Aren't we cute together?

Oh yeah

Your Love Number is

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What Is Your Love Number?

Old vs. New

I got a new (used) car this past weekend...'03 Saturn ION...automatic everything, shiny silver. Got a fairly good deal on the Hoss, as I've taken to calling her. She's definitely the nicest car I've ever owned. Ol' Blue wasn't perfect -- had some dings, wasn't especially stylish, was lived in and used. She was definitely me though, a car that suited me. I feel like a car shouldn't be who you are, shouldn't devastate you if it somehow gets smashed on the way to work, one benign Wednesday morning. So I don't really miss Ol' Blue, she lacked any kind of musical ability. I'm just saying, don't confuse me with the Hoss.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Word for word, the questions sent to me from Applewhite,

1) What state would you love to live in beside to Indiana?
Colorado, somewhere by Salida
2) What is your favorite flower? One of those flowers in the desert that only blooms when it rains
3) Describe your breasts in one word. smallishnuisance
4) Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
I was going to say Zach Braff, but he's gradually being replaced by Jeremy Sisto
5) How did you find my blog?
Hellish Harlot ~ I think she has a crazy inferiority complex

For you... what's up with you and evercurious? Whats the farthest you've ever run for fun or competitively? Does your love of Christian Bale movies extend to Little Women?

Weekend Update

This past weekend was so much fun and way too short. We saw Sam Bush and his band play at the Lincoln State Amphitheatre on Friday night. I've never seen anyone shred on a mandolin before, it was such a treat. The concert was bizarre in a very free-flowing, almost natural way. By natural, I mean that the band was really cool with the crazy hippie superfan yelling things at them throughout the show and the Shangri-La backdrop behind them (I think there's a production of South Pacific going on). At one point, members of the band rode around the stage on bicycles. I'm definitely going to see about getting some of Sam's albums at the library or
Saturday was the Newcomers' Club outing at Ellis Park. I'd never seen horse racing before, it was kind of underwhelming but some of the guys really got into the betting aspect of it. I've not decided whether I think it is cruel to horses to race them, but it seems like they have a pretty good life (however short it may be though).
Last night was the company's Night at the Otters, the gift card giveaway worked well, the lack of Zooperstars (google it) didn't but mostly because the game lasted 14 innings and the fireworks finally happened about 10 pm.