Monday, August 01, 2005


Word for word, the questions sent to me from Applewhite,

1) What state would you love to live in beside to Indiana?
Colorado, somewhere by Salida
2) What is your favorite flower? One of those flowers in the desert that only blooms when it rains
3) Describe your breasts in one word. smallishnuisance
4) Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
I was going to say Zach Braff, but he's gradually being replaced by Jeremy Sisto
5) How did you find my blog?
Hellish Harlot ~ I think she has a crazy inferiority complex

For you... what's up with you and evercurious? Whats the farthest you've ever run for fun or competitively? Does your love of Christian Bale movies extend to Little Women?


Anonymous said...

Em, I have run six miles for fun and not a step more. I didn't really like Little Women. I think that describing your breasts by squeezing two words together is cheating. I would go for simply 'Present.' 50% JEm

Applewhite said...

Em, great questions and even better answers... You made me laugh out loud with the breast answer...My love of Christian Bale does extend to little women, and even to empire of the sun when he was a little boy...Evercurious is great. She was one of my first Blogging buddies, and has been very attentive to my posts so far. I like that...Furthest run was 30.4 miles. I used to do marathons a lot... more to follow later???

Applewhite said...