Monday, August 01, 2005

Weekend Update

This past weekend was so much fun and way too short. We saw Sam Bush and his band play at the Lincoln State Amphitheatre on Friday night. I've never seen anyone shred on a mandolin before, it was such a treat. The concert was bizarre in a very free-flowing, almost natural way. By natural, I mean that the band was really cool with the crazy hippie superfan yelling things at them throughout the show and the Shangri-La backdrop behind them (I think there's a production of South Pacific going on). At one point, members of the band rode around the stage on bicycles. I'm definitely going to see about getting some of Sam's albums at the library or
Saturday was the Newcomers' Club outing at Ellis Park. I'd never seen horse racing before, it was kind of underwhelming but some of the guys really got into the betting aspect of it. I've not decided whether I think it is cruel to horses to race them, but it seems like they have a pretty good life (however short it may be though).
Last night was the company's Night at the Otters, the gift card giveaway worked well, the lack of Zooperstars (google it) didn't but mostly because the game lasted 14 innings and the fireworks finally happened about 10 pm.

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