Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Old vs. New

I got a new (used) car this past weekend...'03 Saturn ION...automatic everything, shiny silver. Got a fairly good deal on the Hoss, as I've taken to calling her. She's definitely the nicest car I've ever owned. Ol' Blue wasn't perfect -- had some dings, wasn't especially stylish, was lived in and used. She was definitely me though, a car that suited me. I feel like a car shouldn't be who you are, shouldn't devastate you if it somehow gets smashed on the way to work, one benign Wednesday morning. So I don't really miss Ol' Blue, she lacked any kind of musical ability. I'm just saying, don't confuse me with the Hoss.


Applewhite said...

I just got a new car not so long ago... new cars are fun, but such a waste.

Anonymous said...

sometimes i want the ideals of the ECHO (the gutless wonder) to reflect on me. i want to be as efficient with my homework as she is on gas. i could only wish to be as small and compact with funky, sometimes hidden compartments as she is. i like her style. but i really loved "the whore." she was spunky and unafraid to be herself. to have her style would be ideal. love JEm