Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Olympic Update

Last night on PTI, Wilbon and Kornheiser were discussing whether ice dancing was improved by the fact that five different couples crashed and burned. I was thinking the same thing to myself before, but wasn't sure it would be ok to bring it up. At least to people at work, who most likely have their favorites picked out, lacy outfits and all.

I renounce my enjoyment of Bode Miller's antics. He's just lame now. Seems like all the media hype he disliked (and ironically, fed into) distracted him and made him into a big loser.

I've been interested in the other sports that you normally only see at the Olympics, like the skeleton and luge. I just don't get curling. After reading the Sport Explainers on the Sports Illustrated site, I thought i understand how the game is played. And then I forgot. I don't think I could get into it unless someone close to me was on a team. Or there was betting involved. Or something.

Sometime in my life I want to try the skeleton. Maybe when I'm old because then people would have to be polite regarding my reckless behavior.

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portuguesa nova said...


My sister once wrote a briliant poem to her orthodontist on the eve of getting her braces removed, it was a satire on the sadistic nature of his profession, titled, "You Should Have Been an Ice Dancer".

I have never heard of skeleton and am heading straight to this "sports explainer" website you mention to figure out what it is. Perhaps I've finally found my calling.

As a native Minnesotan, I can assure you that the only thing to know about curling is that it involves a lot of drinking.