Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Its a little depressing to be back in Indiana now that I've gotten all excited about Colorado. I found out today that I got a scholarship to the school I'd applied to ~ Johnson & Wales in Denver. Its not a huge $ amount but better than "a stick in the eye," as my Dad would say. Here are some pictures that I found on the internet of the school. For some unknown reason, I didn't take any of the campus or Culinary Arts building. I will post about the Culinary Expo though. That was really neat.

This is the building that will be used for the 50-room hotel/event center that will be student-run. I (most likely) will have graduated by the time it opens.

A random picture of the Culinary Arts building, just to show how new and shiny it is. I think its 3-4 years old.

One of the dining rooms where I'll learn the art of "front of the house" service.

One of the courses I'll be taking is called Meat Fabrication which includes learning all the parts and uses of a cow, lamb, chicken and pig. They told us that we will start with a whole cow and "break it down" into different portions.

Can you tell I'm excited?

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Anonymous said...

em - I am soooooooo excited for you! i wish i was doing something as exciting and cool. i am also looking forward to some tasty treats. congrats on the scholarship! it will take multiple cocktails to help me get thru school.
love 1/2 JEm