Friday, May 19, 2006

Its Friday

I've not done much this week. But I'm glad its Friday! Tonight is Moonlight BBQ and bluegrass in Rosine, KY.

You know the cliche of talking slower and louder to people who don't speak English (well), as if this will help them understand you better? I just heard one of the managers in the department doing this in a conference call to a branch in Puerto Rico. I can understand not talking extremely fast in situations like these, but it really came off as patronizing.

I apologize for the lack of posts. Every day is about the same. Zac invited a bunch of people he knows to see the Da Vinci Code. I think I'd rather see X-Men 3. All the hype and endless commentary about DVC has really turned me off.

I will put the pic of me and my maroon hair up as soon as I get it, along with a post about my newish friend, Maelynn.
The next color is a bright "red copper spritz." I don't know when I'll do it. Maybe the night before my last day of work. Only 45 more days!

Today's WOTD is ramshackle. I love this word because it means exactly what it sounds like. Ramshackle is an adjective meaning appearing ready to collapse or carelessly or loosely constructed. "There are quite a few ramshackle houses in the area."

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Nat&Jim said...

Ramshackle is such a cool word - thanks for this - a new one....gotta find use for it right now! ;-)