Monday, May 08, 2006

Return of WOTD

beleaguered - adj. or verb

To be filled with worry and bother

example - She beleaguered her parents with constant demands.
Jodi looked haggard and beleaguered after a long night of studying.


Anonymous said...

Em - Today I was beleaguered by my neurology test. I slept fitfully. I only had two REM cycles. My corneal conjunctive is red and irratible. I may have a rare case of bilateral Bell's Palsy or bilateral Horner's Syndrome with sparing of the oculomotor nuclues and macula. My fovea centrali are strained. I think my right internal carotid artery is partially occluded. I reached this diagnosis based on my abulia (personality change, lack of will power, and/or inability to make decisions). Medical school is clearly making me crazy. I may end up in a psychogenic coma or with Hollywood amnesia. Either condition will guarantee you a referral to the p-shrink! Love you like TV shows love dramatic medical scenes (and they almost always get it wrong) Jo.

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