Thursday, January 26, 2006

Of My Own...

Volition, aka the Word of the Day meaning a conscious choice or decision. I first came across this word in college. It was used frequently by the guys in the schol hall next to mine to explain actions or events that unintentionally occured. For example, "I drank too much of that McCormick vodka last night, but it wasn't of my own volition."

Other things I know...
At first I was confused by the accusations that James Frey made events up in his quasi-memoir. But you know what, I'm more confused (and I use that word loosely) that he capitalized many more words than necessary to make an impact. That is the real crime, if you asked me. For example, "I heard the Rage come again, Booming in my Head." I made that up, but you get the general idea.

I want to print out articles about transgender issues to freak out my coworkers. I'm just that bored.


Anonymous said...

looking back upon our college years em...(ahhh good memories)... there were many things that seemed to happen not entirely of my (and sometimes your) own volition. the circumstances and events were tidal. i wasn't strong enough or smart enough to direct events or even react to them. i did not lust after a needy puruvian on my own volition. i certainly did not smoke heroin of my own volition. i did take multiple shots of vodka of my own volition. i also made out with a hundred random boys of my own volition. now i am trying to live a life where everything is of my own volition. it's not as fun. but it is necessary right now.
just be cool

emily said...

a hundred random boys? No wonder you got mono? hehehe just kidding.
1/2 JEM