Friday, March 10, 2006

Its Friday

So I'm on myspace now, despite the fact that it seems like 85% of the people are younger than me. I tell myself that its ok, age isn't anything but a number (except in the cases of certain boys I've dated) and I'm enjoying surfing and adding "friends."
I'll be back in Lawrence the night of April 12 for some R&R but mostly seeing Jodi and Kristen and Em and Mom and Dad and Peggy and then my sweet Grammy before going to Wichita for Grandpa's 80th birthday. I missed Grandad's due to something I can't remember and won't make that mistake again.
Just finished reading the eulogy Dad gave for Grandad and tears started flowing freely...I have a big regret that I didn't know him better. A part of me was always kind of nervous around him (which doesn't mean much, I am/used to be nervous around a lot of people) but I never knew what to say. He was mostly stoic and serious, until the last few years of his life.
It will be hard going to his house, knowing he won't be there and seeing Grammy in pain.
On a completely opposite note, there's a place to get (fairly) free-range elk and venison in a town nearby Wichita. Yum.
Last night was a really good time of homestyle cooking...class at Kitchen Affairs with my fave chef, Scott...all of his classes in the months to come are already spoken for, in terms of assistants. Grrrrr.
I think I'm catering tomorrow for my secret mentor, Cindy. yayay


Anonymous said...

Hey em! i am super excited about you coming to Lawrence!! it has been such a long time. love jo

portuguesa nova said...

What is the myspace business?

I feel as though if I check it out for myself, I'm in for another addiction that I should not be picking up.