Friday, March 24, 2006

We're Gonna Go Way Back

Whenever I think about my education, I always think of Central Jr. High first. Go back to 1994 with me for a second. What were you doing that year? I'd just gotten into listening to Nirvana, found a band called Weezer and had a wicked crush on Gabe, who had a locker close to mine. I was in 7th grade and life was incredibly exciting.
I went to a school right downtown, a 100 year old brick building with 4 stories and a racially diverse student body. I felt lucky to go there because everyone told me I should be.
A large part of the time I was simultaneously confident and confused. One of the things that confused me the most (aside from why my mom thought purchasing a Land's End flannel shirt would be considered grunge and thus make me cool) was the creation of the Strong Black Brothas & Sistas Club.

Its my understanding that the club was created to create solidarity between the African-American students. It was created by a local pastor, Rev. Kennybrew. I think he helped with conflict resolution at the school, but had no official position. The club had regular meetings and they weren't exclusionary -- you could be white and attend. I don't think many white kids wanted to go though.

The club only lasted for a short time. I think parents were upset or something, largely because of the name. I never had any problem with it. I just wanted to know what they did at the meetings.

I hope my brother (he's actually my brother, not my brotha) corrects me if I'm wrong about any of this.

Kim, my only friend in the office at the Evil Corporation, is registered to participate in a giveaway for a new hot tub. Although St Patrick's Day is over, the gimmick is that you have to jump in "the world's largest bowl of Lucky Charms". If you find the key, you win. Oh, there's milk in the hot-tub bowl, as well. And lots of people looking at you. I really hope she does it. Just because its the kind of thing I'd like to take a picture of and post here on my blog.


Nat&Jim said...

Have you ever been to a meeting?

I wish we had lockers in our schools - I love those romantic locker scenes in Highschool movies ;-) I had to stalk the guy (s) I had my crush on through the whole school with all my heavy books in a bag!


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Anonymous said...

my jr. and sr. high school lockers with half size. i am not sure that it qualifies as the full locker experience. i constantly had to make room for that other person vertically. 1994 - i remember loving jeremy. he was 17 and perfect for me, 13 years old. love 1/2 JEm

emily said...

No, I never went to a SBBAS meeting...i really wanted to but they were while i was at track Gabe and hot Jesse S. were in track.