Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pop Tarts

Not many people know that I used to work for Kellogg's. I did though, for one semester during college. I got a ton of free stuff (mostly edibles, chotchkes, and logoed junk) but I still have a Tony the Tiger plush toy and a semi-classy black Frosted Flakes duffel somewhere.
Anyhoo, I wasn't great at my job. I couldn't get Kellogg's any further visibility on campus and was escorted off KU property when I tried to give out free samples.
I did get $10 per hour and the chance to try Apple Cinnamon Pop Tarts. Lots of them. They are, by far, the best Pop Tart. Even if you come right out in my face like my brother will do and say that Brown Suga Sinnamon is. NO.

Long story short, last year my beloved flavor was discontinued. I was much more stressed and disheartened by finding this out than i should've been. For awhile I took to checking for their return every time I was at Schnuck's.
I like grocery shopping a lot more than most people. I was raised to like it. Ask my Dad.

I stopped checking for the return shortly after the New Year. I turned to reduced-sugar Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal. Fiber and all, you know. More filling, too.

A few days ago, I check out one of my favorite blogs - - and see this:

I'm just going to say that Kellogg's shouldn't have messed with perfection. Or tried to increase their profit margin by decreasing the amount of filling.


Anonymous said...

Emily, you're full of shit, and I'm full of delicious brown sugar cinnamon (spelling!) pop-tarts.

-your brother

emily said...

I spelled "Cinnamon" as "Sinnamon" on purpose! I'm saddened that you feel I'm dumb. ;-9

Nat&Jim said...

Ahhh - sister-brother teasing -NICE!!!

Em - I only tried pop tarts once- I think they were blueberry pop tarts. They rested forever in my and my room mates kitchen cabinet and I think finally after six years we threw them away - they were disgusting!!!

But - hey, maybe I try Apfel STrudel - that sounds so German! ;-)And actually when we Krauts say Cinnamon it sounds a bit like Sinnamon!


Audrey said...

What I dislike about the Brown Shugah Cinnamon (spelling #3 of the infamous pop tarts) is that they are too dry when you are not eating them hot and/or with milk. I was always a fan of the fruit-filled ones.

Unless certain brothers ate only one and left the other of the two-pack in the pantry, and it became stale and rock hard. yuck.

Anonymous said...

hey, don't ask me why they insisted on packaging them in two-packs. I wanted one, so I took one.

-eric, eating a pop-tart right now

Anonymous said...

ahhh siblings! em, when i am your mom's house, i will always choose the fruity poptart over the "cinnamon" (sorry eric). jo