Thursday, September 21, 2006

I See Paris, I See France

Today was the end of Introduction to Dining Room - Week 1. It was also Day 3, and I'm finally starting to see some progress in my waitressing technique.
I'm not the most coordinated gal in the world, so balancing 3 plates in one hand/arm actually took a day or so to master.

The most interesting part about this term is our chef. I thought he was Basque at first, judging by his fiery personality and statement that "it is ok to love violence."
No, he's just French.

Here's Chef's take on foie gras - "If you have eyes on the side of your head, I'm bound to kill you and eat you."

My last day at the liquor store will be this Saturday. I was starting to get burned out and frustrated after the first week and that was a bad sign.

Chef says that we need to have a "secret garden," or other hobby/interest that keeps us sane. He noted that drinking and watching TV, although distracting, would not be what he'd recommend.


Audrey said...

Did you know that we have a cousin down here (albeit through marriage to our 3rd cousin, once removed), and he runs a culinary institute in Puebla, Mexico? Crazy stuff. I had tea at their house about a month ago; I might be eating Thanksgiving there, as well.

Do you have a "secret garden"? We have found that equally important here - a week of activities for the ministry can be fun, but you get burned out. I have been reading and playing my guitar daily.

Anonymous said...

Would shopping and wearing fun makeup qualify as a secret garden activity? I think I need an activity besides running. Med school just leaves so little time. Love 1/2JEm