Sunday, September 03, 2006

Wise Words (Or Those I Agree With) from....Pamela Anderson ??!

I'm not going to explain how each of these pithy statements has impacted my life, but each rings true. Just ask, if you're curious.

Love never goes away; it just changes form. (For me, this isn't just true regarding romantic love. Love changes as people change and go in and out of your life.)

The best decisions you ever make are usually the ones you make even when everyone else says not to do it.

In order for a man to feel whole, he needs someone to look up to and someone to look up to him. (The someone who is looked up to doesn't necessarily need to be alive. You can tell if a man is searching for both ends of the equation.)

You know when a prayer is answered. (This is kind of a 'duh' statement, but I need to realize how many of my prayers are answered, continually.)

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Anonymous said...

i am wondering where you found "wise words" from pamela. are you sure that they are hers? what if they really belong to j.simpson or rosie? i hear that they both blog. anyway, i feel much better now that i have caught up on your blog! i went to the royals - yankees baseball game. i will give you the details later. good luck with your first day of school tomorrow! love you like i would like to love me a cute baseball player in tight pants! jo