Sunday, December 17, 2006

She don't like, she don't like...Cocaine

I'm not a big fan of Year-in-Summary articles...I like fresh, new, interesting tidbits. But the The Year in Food review was good. I had read/heard about most of what was talked about, except for this interesting beverage:

Just seeing it at the grocery, you would never think it was different from any other energy drink. Although if I saw one called Indiana Meth I would probably take notice.
Apparently, the "high" hits within five minutes and the caffeine rush comes 15 min., later. Its also 350% stronger than Red Bull and has bizarre tongue-numbing effects. Interesting. If I need to drive anywhere, this is what I'm going to take with me. As long as what they promise (that you don't crash) is true. I always get so tired driving...

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