Friday, June 09, 2006

Things I'm Currently Enjoying

1. The fact that my mom and sis are coming for the weekend.

2. I found a Denver food blog. Probably won't have a lot of $$ to try out the places described in it, but its neat to know that there is such a source.

3. There's a Junior Mint pillow in the mechanical arm toy machine at the grocery store. Somehow, seeing it every day for the last year or so makes me feel strangely it will be there for me, whenever I feel the need to revisit my youthful days of blowing Dad's money at LaMon's.

4. I was really hesitant about all things iPod related until discovering that all of Scrubs season five was on iTunes. Even the unaired episodes!

5. Indian food. I love it. The meaty bites, perfectly mouth-sized...the flat, crisp yet chewy naan bread. Gooey, creamy spinach paneer.

Things That Irk Me

1. Random Capitalization - For example: "So Walls and her siblings had to fend for themselves, providing their own food, shelter and clothing - even if it meant picking through Dumpsters." Why??? It makes no sense.

2. The fact that it cost so much to move. No wonder people tend to stay in the same town/area for awhile.

3. Rats don't live very long. It really saddens me, but I guess such is the way of small hearts that beat so quickly.

4. The police here aren't the brightest. They often block traffic with routine stops and have to conference about crimes that aren't earthshaking. I think half the cop cars in reasonable driving distance are present at a meth bust.

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