Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Week in Review

In the past week, I've done and experienced some unique things.
For example, we saw the Dickies (punk band) at a dive bar downtown. The lead singer
was very into props, utilizing a blow-up doll, a gorilla mask and a homemade phallus/testicle puppet.
Here he is, not wearing tights and pink Converse as he was when we saw him.

I felt a little lame wearing earplugs but had a really good time.

Yesterday I worked a class titled Cooking with Beer. The chef in charge stated several times that she did not like beer and that her suggestions for "lager or ale" used in the recipes were just based on what she thought would go best. Not surprisingly, quite a bit of her beer info was totally inaccurate. The other assistant and I did 70% of the hands-on cooking. I was extremely unimpressed and wonder what in the world she was doing teaching that class. Such a disappointment!

I have another class with the chef tonight called "Beginnings and Endings." Appetizers and desserts...I think she likes those, so that's a relief. I'm glad I know what to expect.

Tomorrow night is Book Club and I'm in charge of the entree portion. Hopefully the yummy chicken satay will make up for the ridiculously bad book that I chose. Love Me by Garrison Keillor: skip it.

Friday night will be my first and probably last experience at the Freedom Festival and my brother is coming to town.
Next week will be a lot more relaxed. I gotta gear up for turning 25.

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Nat&Jim said...

Em - cooking with beer sounds fab - you gotta tell more about it!!!