Saturday, August 05, 2006

In Flux

We're spending the weekend in Lawrence with my parents. Cats and rats made the trip as well. From here we're off to
Lafayette, Colorado, our home for the next year. I hope it will feel like home quickly, because the feeling of not being comfortable is so familiar. Yesterday was 6 hours of driving, the day before was cleaning up the house/packing and Wednesday was packing the truck. Sir did an amazing job of moving boxes.

I'm so exhausted...I've not had this much trouble sleeping since I was thirteen. All these thoughts are racing, moving so quickly, its hard to organize and make much sense of them. I've been so excited about moving for such a long time. All I'm left with is the residual effects.

No complaints here. Just striving for understanding. And sweet, sweet sleep.
Tomorrow is breakfast with Peggy and a visit from Grandma, Grandpa and two uncles.


kuffir said...

wasn't that where the movie 'the day after' was made?

emily said...

Yup, it was filmed here. I need to see it sometime.