Monday, August 28, 2006

New Things

I'm really interested in playing coed hockey in the winter. I'm gathering all the gear and will save up my Meridian earnings to pay the league fee. This won't be until January because I need to practice skating and actually learn how first.

I've got my Halloween costume all figured out. I want it to be a surprise but it will involve my vampire fangs because they make me feel sexy. Basically, I could wear a garbage bag along with the fangs and feel like the hottest thing on earth. Don't know why. There will be a whip too...

Maggie is going to be a ninja and says she has a banana suit for Jeff to wear. He loves 'nanas and wouldn't we be the nonsequitur crew?

Tomorrow we're going to Ft. Collins with Kevin to have some chili beer and do other fun things. Wednesday is the Pawnee Grassland and spending the night before I have to be back at 4 to work at Meridian on Thursday. Orientation begins on Friday...

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Audrey said...

My friend dressed as a banana for a movie we made. Funniest costume ever. Jess would be great as such.

I have now also tried (and enjoyed) a beer called Indio. Have you had it? I like it at least as much as Pacifico, maybe more.