Monday, October 16, 2006


Today has been really rough. My mind was elsewhere during production today and it really showed. I'm glad my practical exam isn't until tomorrow.
My roommate is a 47 year old Jewish accountant who holds a socialist ideology and only dates Mexican men (but not if they're from Durango.) She supports the Zapatistas and the leftist Mexican Presidential candidate, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He's the guy who insisted on a recount and proclaimed that the results would be invalid unless he was named El Presidente. He also the guy who made it impossible for my sister to go to the Zocalo (city center) for Mexican Independence Day because of possible violence. I don't know specifics about his politics though.

I am wondering how the Zapatista coffee I purchased today will be. More soon.

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Audrey said...

Your roommate sounds very interesting. Most of the politically-knowledgable people I have talked to here seem to think Obrador is nuts. I think, though, that people in the US don't always understand that Leftist in other countries is different than Leftist in the States. My politics are fairly liberal, but I'd be very moderate/centerist here.

I got your card, and I will call soon. (Wednesday?) I was thinking of/praying for you today. Much love, my 'zers.