Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ok, I didn't vote. Time just got away from me and registering here. But I am aware of the issues and candidates. Which only makes a difference to me, I guess. Colorado is the first state I've lived in where my vote would've made an impact...my views are much more in line with the general population here.

I made some amazing chili today. Everyone scoffed when I was planning to add cocoa. A lot more flavor depth and color than yesterday's version.

So if you had your choice between dim sum, Syrian (the restaurant got rave reviews by a source a trust) or...something completely different, what would you choose? I'm already looking forward to the weekend's nice meal out.

This week is going so well ~ class is as laidback as it could ever be, thanks to the Chef. If I'm ever in a similar position (which I cannot imagine), I hope to be just like everyone's favorite JWU Chef.

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fosmae said...

I've heard of cocoa in chili. We've also tried coffee, and that adds more flavor depth and color as well.

Syrian would be something completely different. Sounds interesting. Never had dim sum, but I've wanted to try it for years. Unfortunately, there isn't a place that I know of in Evansville that has it.

I'm glad there is a change of pace with class. I am sure that is a relief.