Monday, January 26, 2009

Gambling isn't for me

Blackhawk was ok. We went to Mardi Gras Casino which was like Vegas-lite. Cleaner, too. Played slots and Blackjack. I had read that you have the best odds playing craps which they don't have. And I don't know how to play.

The maximum bet there is $5. When/if I go back I'll play $3 blackjack...Losing $$ slower is more fun, especially if you are with people who have more $ to spend.

I will be interested to see if there is any spike in the crime rate when the maximum bet is raised to $100 and the casinos can be open 24 hrs a day, starting in July.

Sports betting seems like something I'd be more interested takes longer for you to win or lose money and the more you know about the teams, the better your odds. At least from my perspective.

I'd just be too hard on myself if I lost though. That just takes all the fun out of it...just don't have $$ to burn.

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