Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Being Social

Those of you who know me know that I'm a homebody and introvert. Being social I can do in small doses because it makes me so tired. While having a child is something I want, it is sometimes hard for me to imagine not being alone when I need to recharge.

Anyway, last Sunday we had lunch with Weeman and his new girlfriend, whose name I have already forgotten. Friday I'm going up to Blackhawk to the casinos with a couple of girls from work. I've already budgeted a small amount for this trip and we are pretty excited about going. I don't think they get out much either. =)

I really hope it doesn't snow. Brooke says she won't drive us up there if it does. It is kind of up in the mountains, about 45 minutes away.

The funny part is that Grandpa's invention, the Air Train is vying for a bid to build a system that goes from the Denver area to the Central City area casinos and maybe the mountains. What makes it even more ironic is that Grandpa is against gambling and I doubt he has ever played a round of poker in his life.

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