Thursday, July 05, 2007

Age Ain't But a Number

So yesterday I turned 26. I didn't fightor dwell on it as much as I pretended to. I've already started to make some really big changes ~ personal and professional, private and public.

Life at Aero Flats is really close to perfection.

The more outgoing and personable that I'm becoming, the more I just want those closest to me to know what I'm really like.

People judge. I try not to do this. There's really no way to ever know the full story and its usually better that you don't.

Shaving legs is one of the services CNAs at the Health Center don't provide. I think that if I was ever placed in one of these homes I would explore as much as possible. There is a Wii, and free internet access and someone to do your hair and pretty much whatever you want to eat, whenever. I think just being here makes a lot of the residents really sad and/or angry.

Thoreau said, "To regret deeply is to live afresh." I agree with this but only if you are able to get over the guilt that often comes with regret. One of the things I regret is often taking the easy path, only to deal with something much more difficult down the road. Sometimes due to laziness, sometimes because of a lack of forethought and a lot of impulsiveness.

Living the right way at the right time, completely.

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