Sunday, August 12, 2007

The End of the Beginning

So I'm starting the last week of my "experiential learning" at St. Paul Health Center. I've had an amazing time ~ learned so much more about a different aspect of food service; one that fits me really well. I'm able to clinically chart on medical records about food habits and diet-related ailments, relate to the elderly/disabled/handicapped (I was pretty good at faking it before) and be assertive (I wasn't very good at faking that before).

And now I'm preparing for the possibility of being a food service director at a long-term health facility. A leader, someone in charge. I'd never considered this kind of role for myself before.
I'm really open to every kind of challenge and difficulty...I don't welcome it, by any stretch, but am confident knowing that I could do my best and probably succeed.

On the downside, I'm avoiding two very important people in my life who I need to talk to and be open with. Its not going to be comfortable and I'm just so tired of crying. But I'll feel better after I do. Just have to take a deep breath and make the call.

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