Monday, June 22, 2009

when I was little

This is a quiz translated from Finnish so some of the questions are kind of funny.

1. Where and when you were born?
At the (still) only hospital in Lawrence, KS

2. Do you have siblings?
My brother was born when I was 2 and a half and my sister when I was 4 and a half.

3. Were you in daycare?
Not in the traditional sense. Mom worked half days until we were school-age or so and we had babysitters frequently.

4. Did you have any pets?
no. I got my first guinea pig when I was in second grade.

5. Do you remember the time when kids didn't have any safety seats?
yeah, we fought over sitting shotgun all the time. there were no shoulder belts in the backseat, either

6. Did you have any favorite toy?
I had a lot of stuffed animals and a flying unicorn that I was convinced watched over me, i was fine with nothing else but my blankie and a few good books though

7. Do you remember what you were going to be when you grow up?
I wanted to be a cookbook writer or a language teacher or a lawyer

8. Were you invisible child or naughty and noisy?
I was pretty bad. Not compared to other kids but I had this ability to drive my parents crazy!

9. Were you wandering around other peoples yards to play with other kids, key hanging on your neck?
There were a lot of kids around so we always had someone to play with, especially when I was oh, 8 and younger

10. Did you sleep lights on?
No, but I couldn't sleep with the door shut

11. Your favourite kids program?
We watched Sesame Street, the Smurfs, Rainbow Brite, GI Joe, Punky Brewster (the cartoon version)

12. Do you remember your first day at school?
Very hazy but yeah...there was a lot going on and too much commotion...I remember just wanting things to start so I could go home again

13. Did you collect anything?
I had a rock and shell collection and a lot of colored pencils and things like that

14. Your favourite subjects?
I liked to read. i didn't really want to do anything else most of the time.

15. Were you bully at school or the one to be bullied?
I looked kind of funny so I was bullied or kind of a loner

16. Your hobbies?
reading, playing outside, watching TV, singing loudly, cooking whenever I was allowed

17. Your friends?
matt miller, melissa tacke, misty sterrett...there were others

18. Your favourite memory of lower classes event?
Anything quiet where I wouldn't be singled out or asked to do things in front of other people

19. What was your first teacher like?
mean and hateful =) They weren't always, I guess, but I do remember thinking wow, your job really sucks.

20. Did your parents have tough rules?
not really. manners at the dinner table were always really enforced. We always had to be happy or at least make conversation and if not, we had to go to the bathroom and "come out when we could be pleasant."

21. How did your family spend holidays?
We traveled around quite a bit. We went to Texas, Chicago, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and of course to family events nearby

22. Your favourite food as a kid?
I really liked almost everything. Sugary stuff tasted so much better back then.

23. Did people smoke inside back then?
I still remember hostesses at restaurants saying, "smoking or non-smoking section?"

24. What were you afraid of?
dark, fire, stepping on worms

25. Do you have your own kids now?
No, but when I do, I hope they read this

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Rhia said...

Hi there =) i posted my post on timer so i didn't have time to correct typos and such earlier. I changed some of the questions into more sensible form. Sometimes translation from finnish to english isn't always very easy to do and result might sound rather odd =) I'm having my summer holiday now so I won't be on the computer much, but I try to write you a proper email next week. Take care, hope you enjoy your new job!