Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I finally bit the bullet and did what I should've a long, long time ago. I asked if I could work half-time for the Big, Ugly Corporation instead of wasting their money and my time forty hours a week. We'll see what happens.

Its just time to work towards being happy as much of the day as I possibly can, not just the hours before 8 am and after 5pm.

Maybe I can do more catering stuff as well. Gotta drop my resume by a caterer's tomorrow...


Audrey said...

I wish you could have been home for thanksgiving. you'll be home some for christmas, right? I sure hope so.

tell me how stuff works out with the big, ugly corporation. what you do for a living should make you happy -- I'm glad you're working on getting to that point.

emily said...

So are you gonna use your blog any, sweet dregerini?
I am going to ask my boss tomorrow what her boss said about me being part time. Yoikes i hope things work out!!