Sunday, November 06, 2005

Violent Times

About 1:30 early Sunday morning, the storm sirens went off outside my window. In Kansas, that means that a tornado has been sighted in the area and to take cover. Here in Evansville, the sirens for severe thunderstorms...and tornados. The siren blasts for each are different, but no one knows how.
So I thought nothing of turning over and going back to sleep.
Here's a tame picture of what some parts of town look like right now:

At least 23 people have died, 17 of whom were living in a trailer park.
I wonder why tornados always seem to hit mobile homes.
My Dad suggested that the heat patterns attract them. Or maybe it seems like they are always hit because the end result is complete destruction.
The Kentucky side of the Ohio River was also hit:

I can't find a picture of Ellis Park (where the Newcomers' club had their horse racing/betting social) to show how parts were almost totally destroyed. It makes me sad to think of the horses, who never had a chance to escape.
Happier post soon, I promise.


Nat&Jim said...

Wow - that is terrible! If you life in an area which is hit frequently by tornados won't you try to live not in a mobile home? Might be a dumb question - we do rarley get tornados and we do not know the concept of mobile homes. I guess that living in a motor home is done mostly by people who are poor - is this right?
It is always shocking to me to see the power of nature!

Anonymous said...

It is not the trailer homes get hit more often, it is that they are such poor structures that they are demolished and often cause the most amount of causulaties. That is why they are often shown.

-Lived in KS 25/30 years.

Anonymous said...


You are correct, most people that have the means (financially) do not choose to live in trailer parks. (Unless they want to live right next to the cowboy bar on east 23rd st.)