Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Big Doings

Today, two good things happened.
I delivered the presents donated from the department to a needy family in town.
It was really cool seeing the mom so happy. I think she was a little overwhelmed.
Even though she lives in what Evansville calls, "the projects," it is clear that there is a sense of community. She knows the neighbors by name, which is more than I can say for myself.

President Bush took responsibility for the faulty intelligence that led to the invasion of Iraq. A step towards the open and honest communication that should be taking place from the highest office on down. A lesson for all the ignorant politicians and overly political citizens that place blame on everyone else but themselves.

A good thing from last week ~ I was working the counter at Kitchen Affairs and said "Merry Christmas" to an elderly couple walking out the door. The owners of KA are Jewish, and the customers wanted to be all-inclusive, so they responded with a cheerful, "Happy Hanukkah." I feel good about the fact that even the idea of diversity is alive in Evansville. To some small extent.

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Anonymous said...

Hey em! i am glad to hear that diversity exists in eville.... tootletown is so small and non-diverse that i thought that Jews and blacks were a figment of someone's overactive imagination... then i went to college :) love, jem.5