Wednesday, December 07, 2005

No Dice

I can't be part time.
Today is just one of those days I shouldn't have gotten out of bed.


Audrey said...

=( I'm sorry. You should just spend the second half of every day humming "Thriller"... then they would WANT you to leave after lunch every day.

Nat&Jim said...

Damn - that is too bad! Sorry to hear that Em! I think Audrey's suggestion is a good one - you should still do it - after five days of hummed "THRILLER" or "PSYCHO" when you enter a room they should rethink!
Seriously - pressing my thumbs (German for crossing fingers) that that was not their last decision!

Anonymous said...

if you get to work part-time maybe i could go to med school part time.... because then the time i put in might only be 40-60 hours a week... instead of 60+. it is just wishful thinking on my part.
love you like anatomy teachers love obscure body parts, jo