Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Long Time Coming

A lot has changed since I posted last. I moved to Denver, have a roommate named Meredith and a part-time dog named Caleb. He's not mine, but seems to be ok with me. Of all the Boxers I've known, he's the sweetest and least neurotic. I've survived Classical French Cuisine, Advanced Dining Room (and all the accompanying wine tasting at 8 am) and am loving International Cuisine. The biggest events coming up are graduation and co-op (internship).

I'm realizing that life can be hard or easy, depending on the choices you make. My parents tried really hard to make everything great and hide the consequences that came from say, not driving the best, not being with the right people and sneaking ancient liquor. I don't want to name names, (they tried valiantly, at times) but the substitutes I found for my parents were mediocre, at best. I'm really glad to now be "doing life" on my own. Not entirely, of course, but it feels good to know that my choices are my own and the results are equally mine. I chose to be here ~ in Denver, on Leyden Street, in culinary school.

Not everyone will agree with the choices I've made and will continue to make and I realize that. I hope there will be support though ~ I need that more than ever.

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The New Albanian said...

Still having a good beer here and there, I hope ...