Monday, May 21, 2007

Back to Basics

As I lay here, late on a Monday night in my mother's house, I can't believe how fast time has gone and where I am. I have achieved and lost much in a very short time. I'm happy to be in Denver but am enjoying this week in Lawrence. Driving around town was total sensory overload ~ I got so many snapshots of my life here all at once. It was like pressing fast-forward on a kaleidescope.

I've already been asked, and know my Grammy will ask as well, what I'm doing after I'm done with my co-op in August.
I really don't know but am just so glad I have June and July figured out, you know?

Tonight was great. I felt really weird and emotional but at home with Kristen and Jo. Now that school is over, I'm going to make staying in contact with friends and family more of a priority. Especially with you, M. Evansville was so much better after we re-met!

So tomorrow is going to be about sleeping, working out, reading, enjoying. I got the Green Van which also brought me back, oh about 10 years. Can't knock the hustle.

I know its probably out of the realm of possibility but Bell's would be the perfect way to end this trip and begin the loooong drive way back home. For some reason, I remembered how great Larry and Wendy's Wedding Ale was...maybe they have some bottled in the cellar.

I'm equally excited and scared about the future, but find solace in the fact that I won't ever be alone. Being lonely isn't necessarily a bad thing ~ sometimes it helps you reconnect with yourself; listen to what you've been trying to ignore, deal with the previously untouchable.

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