Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bleeding of Me

Apparently there are some people who pass out at the sight of a traumatic wound...some people pass out when they see someone else in pain/bleeding. I just pass out when I see myself bleeding. It has to be a particularly bad wound, or a fairly insignificant one with a lot of stress involved...its embarrassing but not anything can be done about it, according to the doctor.

My dad is right ~ I probably shouldn't use knives or anything sharp. I'm in a profession that demands it though, and I have gotten a lot better at being safe, concentrating and making sure that I know what I'm doing.

I can't wait for Christmas. It will be my first in "the fatherland" and I'm realizing how many people really care about me ~ at work, in my extended family and those I've just known a short time. There's a lot to be done before we leave next Thursday but the time will go quickly and I'm going to have fun.

Tonight is the apartment complex Christmas party and Monday all the dept heads are going out to lunch somewhere semi-swank. We get the rest of that day off. I just have to make sure that the food order is mostly done tomorrow so I can fully enjoy it.

Already, in my mind at least, planning Dallas to see my bro's new place, back to Kansas for my cousin's wedding...this won't be until next year, but still. For once, things are changing and its not traumatic for me!

Baby fever. Never truly understood it until recently.

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