Monday, May 12, 2008

Gross, But I'd Eat It

I'm not really a big junk food person. I used to really really like sour candy and those fried mushrooms from Dairy Queen. Now, my biggest craving in that regard is hot wings. I love them and regret that Mojo's, the local hot wing joint in my hometown won't be open when I'm back this summer.

Anyway, I read this blog called Cooked Books.

It is about "all things culinary at the New York Public Library."

Anyway, the author writes about a fast-food chain I'd never heard about ~ Friendly's.

The reason I'd never heard about it is that the closest location is in north-central Ohio.

However, they do have this ~ which is unique and slightly disgusting: the Fishamajig.

It is exactly what it looks like, a grilled cheese sandwich with mayo and breaded fish. MMMM.

In other news, this month is full of some pretty exciting changes, events etc. E is done with school until the fall, his friend Abby is coming out to visit, my friend Maelynn is coming out to visit, the kitchen at work has closed and is being remodeled...there's a new apartment in an entirely different part of town (a lot closer to work, which is nice) and more stuff that you'll have to contact me to find out. =)

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