Sunday, December 19, 2004

Holiday Cheer

I was all set to post about my horrible afternoon at the mall, getting the remainder of the presents. But it went quickly. As long as you don't stop and know exactly what you are getting and are greeted by salespeople who are familiar with a cash register, all is good. I will read this next year and find some sort of solace. Maybe. The only bad part was that it was 20 degrees and I had to park a ways away from the entrance. I did find that Victoria's Secret Beauty sells gift certificates that can be used at the regular "lingerie" stores.

I spoke with a guy who was helped by a salesperson who thought he was buying thongs for his sister. She was very cheerful and guided him to "that which he thought was within his budget." He stammered and sputtered (once the slow moron realized that high school girls were following him and that the assumption by the equally-slow saleswoman was natural) that they were for his "kinda, sorta, not-really girlfriend."
I wish I could've been there to witness the proceedings. I can assure you that he was neither convincing and probably thinking about the underage girls shadowing him when he plead his case.

On a similarly uncomfortable topic, I just spoke to my friend's father, who i was certain was my friend's stoner homie. Who, over the age of 35 watches Desperate Housewives? Or giggles when I say I've never watched it?
This sign next to my house, at some instrument/music store, says "you won't get the girl playing xbox." I think to myself, every single time I see it, you won't get the girl playing 3-chord measures of Stairway to Heaven either.
I made kick-rear White Chocolate Cranberry Bliss Bars today. They are like the ones currently available at Starbux only less corporately-overpriced. If you come to my house, I will sell you one for just .50.

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TomC said...

In my opinion it is rude to call someone a "slow moron" who is supposedly a friend. You act high and mighty and holier than thou, yet the evidence here speaks clearly for itself. Nothing but a fake and a phony. I hope it sits well with you knowing that you've been "found out". Only a slow moron would post something like this thinking that the person in question wouldn't see it.