Tuesday, December 28, 2004

White Evansville

By white, I mean snow-covered. Everyone who said "Gee, wouldn't it be nice to have a white Christmas," and "I LIKE snow," I hope you realize what you've done. 22 inches fell on Sodom, I mean Evansville. And it is disappearing into massive puddles of dirty slush. I know everyone reading this has seen Groundhog Day, and I ask you to remember the scene where Bill Murray's leg slipped off the curb. I no longer find that scene funny.
If snow was some sort of sign that winter had arrived, that hot chocolate and mulled grog would be enjoyed for a time, my attitude would be different.
At the same time, I realize that the weather could be much worse. I felt humbled seeing pictures of destroyed Sri Lankan villages and hearing concerns that contaminated water might cause as many deaths as the tsunmis did.
Sometimes there just isn't a reason and finding comfort in that knowledge seems strange.
On a completely different note, I really enjoy Run DMC. Especially "whose house, RUN'S HOUSE." I need to rent Crush Groove again.

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