Friday, March 18, 2005


When I was young, I really really liked Mark McGwire. And I still do. Even though it is obvious to me that he used steroids, at least he refused to lie. The easy way out would've been to do so, the shameful route would've been to plead the 5th. Rafael Palmeiro...I just think he's a big phony. The fake vehemence, and especially this article offering to forgive (the snitch) Jose Conseco:
One of the things I've learned from the 1990s series, Homicide: Life on the Street, is that cops don't rat out other cops. Maybe baseball players have the lack of honor and monetary incentive (too old to play? Why not write a tell-all book?) to do whatever they want.
Vacation in Arizona was just amazing. I love warm weather and just can't wait until it is 70 degrees + every day.

Got a call today from a director of a PR firm. Sent my resume to her 8 months ago but never heard back. She told me that there's a position open at a nonprofit specializing in getting people to come to New Harmony, based on its history as a Utopia. She also said I could use her name, so I send out a cover letter + resume immediately. What a dream it would be to combine history and my college degree! If only I could do that and somehow be a personal chef, too.

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