Wednesday, April 13, 2005


In the ISS department downstairs (they refer to it as the "lower level" but those above ground know it as the "basement.") they have no overhead lights. You walk down and each little cubicle has a desk lamp and a working computer, but thats it. I wondered if the upper management was trying to give them a hint, but no, just a power outtage.
One employee has a large cutout moon and stars hanging from the ceiling above her cube and I enjoyed the irony.
I always get confused about irony. Is that irony? Is having the last name Stoner and being an ardent anti-drug advocate irony? I do know that ironical is not a word. Of this, I am certain.
On a completely different note, the tax refund came through yesterday. So now the house insurance, my trip to Colorado, and lots of Dark Lord will be paid for. wooooohoooooo!

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