Monday, June 20, 2005

A different weekend

I'm back to the grind today, but the memories of this weekend are keeping me entertained. I went down to Chattanooga, TN (about a 4 hour drive if all goes well) for a Ratebeer gathering but mostly to see my bro. Er's living/working in Atlanta this summer and its hard to know when I'll see him next. Anyway, we drank a ton of good beer and he got to meet people named Iceman and Shag and CaptainCougar. I wish there was a picture of me getting thrown into the pool. I didn't bring any clothes to change into, so the next day's ride home was a little soggy. I'll see if I can find any pics to post.

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Nat&Jim said...

Ohhh - this sounds great - haahaha - so, who throw you into the pool? I would love to see a pic! Hope we will meet at a gathering too someday (I guess I will bring changing clothes).