Friday, June 17, 2005

What I've learned

in the past couple of days:
Yoplait Chocolate Mousse yogurt is pretty good, but for the calories you're better off going to TCBY.

In Australia, they call the people/company that move you to a new home,
"removalists." Much better than being called "moving men", don't you think?

It sucks when you are jealous of one of the best friends you have is moving to a better place. Especially when that place is called Cincinnati.

Lewis Black is a very funny man and I can't exactly explain why. Is he angry all the time?

There are keys that will unlock your car door but won't start the engine. AND these genius piece of metal are magnetic, so you can stick them to the hot undercarriage of your Saturn and never have to wait for the AAA man again.

We are where we are for a reason. The trick is being happy and content with the reason, the purpose, and the the length of time at that location.


mamatoes said...

now i am curious about Cincinnati; have to go there anyway this November, so can figure out the boredom factor there. to me, Indianapolis has high potential for boredom -- went to the same conference there a while back. so maybe this trip won't be fair to Cincy either...
i am glad you used AAA anyway -- that's what it's there for..
and what gave you the insight about being content in the place you are?

emily said...

I like Cinncy ok....I'm not incredibly familiar with the city, but compared with Evansville, its fairly exotic. Indy is so spread out, I imagine the nightlife could be very dull....My friend Emily H. but soon-to-be-E. gave me the insight. She's one of the most content people I know. Just radiates grace and kindness.