Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Most Boring Day

I was talking with Jo today and mentioned my boredom. A ranking system for boring days:

1. Inevitability
An activity you choose to be involved in (that turns out to be boring) ranks lower than a mandatory event that you are forced to do. Choosing to watch the J. at league bowling ranks lower than that time on my birthday when I was forced to see Garrison Keillor talk about nothing for several hours. Unwilling participation due to family circumstances ranks lower than the most forced of all duties - The Job.

2. Reactionary Activities
One time I made a jump rope out of rubber bands due to boredom. The more creative you are during the time of duress, the lower the rank. After all, if you have the resources and ability to be creative, the situation can't be that bad. Being old enough to drive decreased boredom. Graduating from college increased it. So did moving to Evansville. (No offense to family here. Its quite possible I'm still adjusting. Maybe.) Having access to the Internet is the median point.

3. Share-ers of Misery
Being bored by yourself. Being bored with a couple others. Being bored with a crowd.
The more people you're with, the lower the rank. Unless you are you are forced to just hear voices from the adjoining cubes. Like your boss saying "GIT 'ER DONE!" Annoying boredom is the worst.

4. Feelings
The last category is completely open to interpretation. For some, boredom leads to joy and relaxation. The experience of time passing one second at a time can be enjoyable, I suppose. I think the more natural feeling is frustration and eventually anger. If your situation leads to a flying rage (and you are a reasonably calm person), your boredom ranks high.

Only 15 minutes before I can leave for the day...

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Audrey said...

That birthday was by far the worst of your birthdays I have ever been alive for. In fact, it may have been one of the most boring days of my life.
We'll see how 3 hours of physics a night rates on the boring scale. Thanks for the tutorial. =)