Thursday, October 13, 2005

Road Trip to the South, Y'all

This past Friday, I drove just under 6 hours to Atlanta, where my brother and sister go to college at Georgia Tech. I arrived as my sis was scrambling to get things ready for the annual volunteer day and bro was recovering from an NC State football loss the night before. Here is a pic of E-So in his teensy tiny room: Had a fun sushi dinner, went out to Peachtree Tavern where a band called Scum Bucket (hehe an 80s cover band) was playing.

The next day was really relaxing...I got up late, visited my sis, A-So at the Coliseum (and snuck in to take a pic of where KU kicked some Buzz last season)and saw the Mock Rock dancers practice in the Delta Chi basement--which was really cool because the guys are incorporating some neat stunts, including a "human jumprope."
In the afternoon, I saw a replica of the GT Ramblin' Wreck (the actual car is hidden in a garage somewhere)
and hung out until A-So was done volunteering. Dinner at "the Snack" (maybe it wasn't called that) and too much partying afterward.
The next day I got up reasonably early and the 3 of us went to a small Waffle House. I wish I could say I was impressed. I wish I could say the food was good. The multigrain waffle did a reasonably good job of keeping me full on the drive home.

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